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Enjoying every day of entrepreneurship  with passion (and stress😅)

Now, let's get marketing.

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This is me

Hi! I'm Makayla.

I'm an entrepreneur...

I started a handmade jewellery business at 16, selling accessories at school market days, to fellow students, and then to family and friends over WhatsApp and Social Media. As I got closer to matric, and had learnt more about marketing, I decided to use social media to market my products and I built a basic website. Through marketing my little jewellery business, I feel in love with marketing.

I didn't study (as soon as I started, the pandemic hit, and my course wasn't offered online) so I took it as a sign and kept going, I have taught myself much of what I know and I found mentors along the way who were kind enough to share what they know.


Get to know me:

  • I am a biiiig foodie 🍕

  • I am OBSESSED with animals

  • I love rewatching my favourite series over and over again (I think this is a coping mechanism😅)

  •  have a heart condition 

  • Podcasts are the best (Diary of CEO and My First Million especially)

  • I own a creative agency called Socialite Digital

Anyway, enough about me!


My Story

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We help brands grow using strategic and exciting creative

In today's digital landscape, understanding disruption is key. It's about problem-solving, not just aesthetics. Form follows function, and effectiveness matters more than appearance. We're an award-winning team of designers and social media experts, spanning diverse industries.

Social Media  Videography 
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Websites

Events Content   Photography 

 Graphic Design 

 The Ultimate

  • To teach others what I know, as I was lucky enough to meet people who were like mentors to me

  • To start my own foundation for menstrual health

  • To build a team of motivated people who are looking for an opportunity to grow

  • To inspire.

New  Blog  
Coming soon!

Let's get social

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