Hello! My name is Makayla, welcome to my blog :)

My husband, Gavin, makes a frequent appearance here on the blog, and we have been married for just over three years. I first started this blog back in high school as a fun way to document the things that were happening in my life at the time, mostly as a journal with lots of photos. As i have moved around a little, met Gavin and been married it has a evolved into a little corner of the internet to share what we are up to, a lot of photography, book reviews and our fertility journey - all with a little bit of faith thrown in.

We are Australian and live on the island of Tasmania. I love photography and have studied it for four years now. I could happily play with a camera all day long. I love to read and (much to the annoyance of my husband) our house is full of books. I also like painting and crafty things. At the moment i run a child care business from home, which is definitely a lot of fun! When this adventure is finished i am hoping to further my studies and branch out - i am not sure where life is going to take me yet!

Gavin is incredibly kind and funny, he makes me laugh a lot. He is studying IT, and is working hard to be finished soon. When he isn't in front of the computer studying hard, he is stacking shelves at Coles supermarket, where he works. In his spare time he likes to dance (shuffle), play the drums and (much to my annoyance) play computer games. Gavin loves all things Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (both of which i have never seen!). He is a music lover and would have it playing all day if i let him.

Gavin and i met in 2012, and he proposed not long after. We were married in February 2013, and had the craziest honeymoon ever! We are keen for a (sunny!) do over soon :) We love to watch TV series together, we love anything funny! We love to explore new places around Tasmania, the beautiful island where we live. We constantly make each other laugh, and enjoy being together.

Our story has really only just started together, but i hope you will have a look around, and maybe stay a while, because i have a feeling that the best is yet to come! :)

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Jennie and Husband said...

OH MY! you guys are the cutest couple EVER! i'm so happy that you wrote on my blog post. i have just spent forever reading all your post. you have such a darling life. isn't this blogging world crazy? i'm so glad you reached out to me! xo
can't wait to read more about your darling darling life!

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