Two years

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 15th marked two years being married! so we decided to take a little trip to Hobart for the weekend. we left on the friday night after work, checked into our hotel and decided to go to kmart to find a movie to watch on our laptop. living the high life haha. 
i asked on facebook for some good pizza recommendations and crust was a clear winner, it didn't disappoint! we took it to the hotel to eat while we watched a movie. it was so good, we will definitely be back there. 

the next day we wandered around the city and did a little shopping. after we were done with shopping we went to one of our favourite places for tea - Nandos. we don't have it where we live so it's always nice to go back there, as we don't go very often. 
when we got back to our hotel Gavin made me wait in the car for half an hour while he 'set up a surprise'... i had no idea what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised when i walked in, to see the bed all nice with confetti and some chocolate covered strawberries. he had even packed a drink dispenser with pink lemonade. it was a nice surprise. 
on sunday morning we had planned to go ice skating, but Gavin's eczema was too sore, so we decided to just head home. we had a nice little weekend away, celebrating our two year anniversary, it sure came around fast! 

and now, some photos :) 

Happy two years xx

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