Jet skiing (at the shack)

Friday, February 6, 2015

On our last day in St Helens we decided to head down to a small beach near the shack to have a turn of the jet ski. Every year when we are down the East Coast dad wishes that we have a jet ski and says he will get one for the next year, and this year he finally had one. 
The boys had lots of turns on it before we got down there, so Gavin and i were keen to have a go. Gavin absolutely loved it, but i hated it! I only had a turn on the donut, and Gavin went on the back of the jet ski as well. I think i would've preferred a turn just on the back of the jet ski, but after my first turn i had already had enough for the day! 
Asha was keen for another turn, and was cute going on with dad, waving and giving us the thumbs up - he loves it :) 
It was another nice sunny day, and we drove home that night around tea time. Unfortunately we only had a short stay, but it was still nice to get away! :) 

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The rest of the shack photos can be found here :) 

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