Insta-life {November & December} 2014

Monday, January 26, 2015

The last two months of 2014 went by fast! I have finally made a collage of my instagram pictures from these two months to share here. I can't believe that i (almost) kept up with it for a whole year. 

November - 

1. James came to visit and had nowhere to sit :p 
2. Charlie thought that the Christmas stockings i sewed were for him
3. The canvas that i ordered. Glad to have such a special moment up on the wall. 
4. This lemon is the size of the cyst that was removed from my ovary! 
5. Sheets day
6. The Christmas stockings i sewed us
7. A bit of tennis with Asha
8. Gavin building a cubby house for daycare. 
9. The finished cubby house, can you spot Gavin?

1. Mum's birthday. 
2. My little friend :)
3. Asha was bored in the bridal shop!...
4.... so we went and had lunch together
5. Lots of effort to bite into a meringue! 
6. The lighting of the Christmas tree in Launceston. 
7. Our first Christmas tree! 
8. Some presents wrapped and ready to go under the tree! 
9. A daytime shot of the tree :) 

December - 

1. Kiara's birthday 
2. My advent calendar and nativity 
3. Off to Melbourne for the weekend! 
4. Yum churros 
5. James was such a good boy while we shopped.
6. The only way to feed - while having a massage! 
7. Still can't believe that my sister has a baby! 
8. I spy some Christmas pressies for me ;)
9. Delicious crepes!! mmmm

1. Cute beanie for a cute boy! 
2. The reason we went to Melbourne - for Gavin & Alex to go to stereosonic (a music festival).
3. Telstra had some cool Christmas window displays! 
4. Out for tea at Nandos. 
5. The love lock bridge <3 p="">
6. Happy boy to be going home! 
7. Just a few pictures of what me and Morgan got up to while the boys were at Stereosonic. 
8. Exhausted! 
9. We bought our first big TV! 

 1. Asha! 
2. Glad to have my car back and to have a dad who is a mechanic, otherwise this bill would've been a whole lot more!! 
3. Asha wrote his own name :) 
4. New linen (insert heart eye emoji)
5. Daycare Christmas pressies all done! 
6. Officially on Holidays so i did some cooking :) 
7. Jack family Christmas at the park. Sarah did so well in her highland dancing competition :) 
8. Jack family picnic.
9. Three of my cute nieces at our picnic. 

 1. Santa is coming! 
2. Merry Christmas :) 
3. Two cute boys in their new hats. 
4. The oldest and the youngest at Christmas dinner - James junior, and James senior, senior!
5. Christmas dinner at mum & Dad's. 
6. The trifle that i made! My first attempt turned out okay. 
7. Gavin testing out his Christmas present! 
8. Boxing day - helped Asha build one of his presents - Minecraft lego. 
9. One of my Christmas presents, a recipe folder that mum filled with family recipes :) 

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