Insta-life {August}

Saturday, November 8, 2014

August was still a bit of a quiet month with me still recovering from having surgery. I was still really sore and not up to doing much. I did only have surgery on the 24th July. The surgeon said it would take about six weeks to start to feel better again. I was still off work, so it was just a quiet month of taking it easy.

Left to right, from top to bottom. 
1. Gavin looked after me so well while i was in pain! Very grateful to have him. 
2. Little flowers from the garden. 
3. Being so sore was a good chance to catch up on some reading. 
4. James' first biscuit ;) 
5. Fresh orange juice. 
6. The only way to shop. 
7. Nana's fish pond. 
8. Spring starting to appear. 
9. So sore that i couldn't keep up with the mess in the kitchen. 

1. Cuddles with my nephew. 
2. Rasta Chey on his birthday. 
3. James having a cuddle with Asha in bed. 
4. James having a cuddle with Jory. 
5. Asha is getting so good at building lego on his own. 
6. At a dermatologist in Hobart looking for help for Gavin's eczema. 
7. Nandos. 
8. Cold rock ice cream. 
9. At our hotel. 

1. Me at Nandos. Feeling so sore and knocked around from surgery. 
2. Breakfast at the hotel. 
3. Cute bubba watching me pack his nursery for their move. 
4. Cutie pie! 
5. Just love him! 
6. Asha at city park. 
7. Jory & Asha at city park.

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