Guide Falls Alpaca Park

Friday, August 29, 2014

Back in October we visited Guide falls and also the Emu Valley rhododendron garden. After we had finished there we decided to back track a little and drive past Guide falls again and go and check out the Alpaca park that was just at the top of the hill. Alpacas/llamas have always been a bit of a joke between Gavin and i, as when we were dating we found out that we both loved the movie Napoleon Dynamite. In the movie, Napoleon has a pet llama called Tina. Gavin and i always said that we aren't really pet people, and if we ever got a pet together, it would be a llama called Tina. 

Anyway, the day was quite warm but we decided to go there anyway as it was really close by. It was a cute little place run by a sweet, elderly couple. We were the only people there and wished that we had some kids with us so we could pretend that they were the ones that were interested in being there, and not us! haha. The man that owned it was lovely and asked a lot about our interest in alpacas... He ended up giving us the full tour, and we were able to meet all the alpacas (and one llama!)... 

The best part of the whole day, by far, was the fact that Gavin got to walk the alpaca around for the whole tour! I was absolutely killing myself laughing. I didn't have a turn as i was too busy laughing & also taking photos. Oddly, it kind of suits him! ^^

Baby alpacas! So cute!! ^^

The one, lonely llama. The guy said not to get too close, as she likes to spit! ^^

Just behind these alpacas and down the hill to the right is where Guide falls is. You could actually hear the water from the falls from this part of the park. ^^

At the alpaca park they use the wool when they shear, and make items that they have for sale, like gloves, beanies, jumpers etc. The wool was super soft and i was eyeing off some gloves, but didn't end up grabbing any. Next time for sure!

It was definitely not a wasted $5 each, and we still laugh about the time that we went to an alpaca park as newlyweds! We will definitely have to take our kids there someday! haha. 

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Tiny Tina said...

I would be very honoured if you got an Alpaca and named it Tina, no one is naming their children after me so closest thing. DO IT please just for me. But wait til I come over and meet Makayla then she can see why it is so appropriate to name an animal after me. Love you guys hope you are doing well and that you are feeling better Mak.

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