The move

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back in January Gavin & i decided that it was time to move house, and head back to my home town (something that we thought we would never do!). I decided to quit my job and run a family day care business from home (which is a whole other post!). When we made the decision and started looking for a house to rent, one literally just fell into our laps.. We moved a few weeks later.

We still have no idea why we had the feeling to move here, but we are glad that we did. We miss a lot of things that living in the city provides, but we also don't miss a lot of things too. We won't be here forever, but it felt right to move at the time!

My family and lots of friends came to help us pack & move house, thank you so much everyone, we couldn't have done it without you!!

not sure if packing or unpacking is the worst part!? ^^ 

cutest little moving helper ^^

we actually moved on our first anniversary! We arrived at the new house to this ^^

Thank you to who left it there, it was nice to relax with it later that night! I was told later that there were also chocolates in the glasses, but i never saw those! Guess that's what happens when your dad & brothers beat you to the house ;)
A friend also cooked us dinner and dropped it around, it made it a lot more relaxing as we could just eat and go to bed, especially as we had no clue where any kitchen items were!

Asha and i spent some time in the house before the actual moving day, taking some items over and setting some things up. Asha had heaps of fun playing in an empty house!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us move, we are definitely a lot happier & relaxed here! We love it :)

I'll share a house tour in my next post.

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