Insta-life {May & June}

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I keep forgetting to post my instagram pictures, but i love having them in collages as it is then so easy to print them as 12x12 inch photos for my project life album. I love instagram for daily life documentation. I probably post way too many photos on there, but i am always glad that i have them. I am makayla_jack if you want to follow me.

When i made these collages, i put some photos out of order, which didn't bother me at the time, but it is bugging me now. I might go back and make new ones, but probably wont. So these photos are mostly may and june combined! :)

Left to right, from top to bottom.

1. Nana's birthday (which was actually in April, i wanted the pic in my instagram feed). 
2. Gavin trying to win a minion at the cinema (he didn't!)
3. Gavin's reply when i said i would like to get this bike, he knows me so well!
4. Asha being crazy on a walk. 
5. Spending the day with Asha. 
6. Asha swinging. 
7. Learning about Aussie animals in pretty, morning light. 
8. Pretty morning light!
9. Happy mail! 

1. Great coffee table books from the post office. We are big Downton Abbey fans! 
2. We had a thermomix demo. 
3. My new couch cushions arrived! 
4. 3am - me, awake... Gavin, snoring! 
5. Our kids will be worth the wait (more like the health issues). 
6. Worst. job. ever. 
7. Second worst job! 
8. Morgan's baby shower. 
9. Every time we open the dishwasher! 

1. Took off to Hobart for the weekend. 
2. Gavin's Hobart wish - Nandos. 
3. At MONA. 
4. Gavin's other Hobart wish - a sausage mcmuffin. 
5. At MONA. 
6. Out for lunch with Asha. 
7. Waiting for my appointment at the hospital. 
8. Updated my blog. 
9. All the rainy days remind me of our honeymoon! 

1. Asha left a teddy in our bed for Gavin to snuggle. 
2. Our thermomix arrived. 
3. First dinner creation in the thermie. 
4. Leaves all over our backyard! 
5. The thermomix can make a cake in less than 5 mins. 
6. Visiting the ANZAC memorial with Asha. (this was from the start of may). 
7. An amazing book! 
8. 7 years since my Unlce Stuart passed away (May 27th). 
9. Waiting at more appointments. 

1. Frost, frost, frost! 
2. In my backyard. 
3. On our way to see Morgan's baby. What are his uncle & aunty for?? 
4. Cuddling James, my first nephew!! 

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Han said...

I'm laughing so hard about your husband's comment about the bike... "to ride?!" HAHAH. Too good. It would be very cute to ride AND photo ;)


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