Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back in October when we went to Guide Falls, we were finished there by midday and decided to grab some lunch before heading home. Nana & Papa had recently taken Agnes & Pete to the Emu Valley rhododendron garden, and said it had a nice cafe. We had some lunch there with them and then decided to have a quick look around. It was very pretty and had lots of nice flowers. It was similar to the botanical gardens and had different sections, like Eastern Asia, Australia etc and had lots of plants and flowers from those countries in their areas.

Nana & Papa and Agnes & Pete headed home and Gavin and i walked around the gardens for a while. It was October and the day ended up turning out quite hot, which we didn't expect (in our jeans!). We left after maybe and hour and a half, the gardens are 11 hectares big, so we didn't even see half of it, but we feel like we got our $8 worth.

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