One Year

Monday, May 19, 2014

On the 15th February it was our one year anniversary. We actually moved house that day, and didn't end up celebrating until about a month later! We went our for tea at Hog's breath cafe. Our meal was delicious, and we had a nice night.

I'm lucky that i am married to this cutie! ^^

We were cracking up at the bib they gave me with my ribs! 

After tea we could barely move from so much food, so we went for a walk around the seaport - what we did on our first date after Gavin came to Tassie to visit me for three weeks when we were dating. 

We had a laugh talking about our time walking there, it was only our second date ever, and we both knew he had made the trip to Tassie just to visit me. We were laughing about how long it took for him to reach out and hold my hand! 

We tried reenact the photo we took that night. It's a little blurry and Gavin's finger is in it too! 

And this one below is from our second date. We look heaps younger! 

I love this video below, it is a quick, 15 second snapshot of our first year of marriage. Lots of laughter and happiness, love and fun. Also the things not pictured, the fights and the frustrations, the heart ache and the tears . I wouldn't have wanted to share all of that with anyone else. I am lucky to have Gavin, he is so kind & funny, and we somehow fit together perfectly. Thanks for a great first year of marriage, Gavin, i love you xx

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