Insta-life {March & April}

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time is going so fast! These past two months have been busy with work & lots of birthdays. 

Left to right, from top to bottom. 

March - 

1. Asha & Jory testing out the new sandpit. 
2. Sister Tauti & Sister Adams at Tasmazia. 
3. Happy wife, happy life! 
4. Gavin, being Gavin, at Tasmazia. 
5. Sister Adams first Golden Gaytime! (she's american)
6. Taking Sis Adams to the airport. 
7. Saying goodbye to Sis Adams & Sis Vermulen. 
8. Anniversary dinner at Hogs breathe (a month late!). 
9. Anniversary dinner. 

1. Asha playing with the antlers. 
2. New side table. 
3. Playing Blokus with Jordan & Hannah. 
4. Sprained my ankle! So painful! 
5. Love watching Asha play & learn. 
6. I never normally clean up after Gavin, but this was a once off - worth it for a tidy bedroom! His bedside table was out of control! 
7. Ordered the groceries online, in my pjs, and they were delivered. Never going to the supermarket again. 
8. 25 cent polaroid camera from the tip! Bargain of the century. 
9. Love watching Asha play. 

1. Sister Tauti's birthday. 
2. Happy Birthday Sister Tauti! 
3. My daycare kids making me some 'soup'. I love my new job! 
4. Happy mail day - love the pattern. 
5. Playing lego with Asha. 
6. Asha begs to check my mail every time he is over. 
7. Asha & Frankie. 
8. Love my job. 
9. An oldie of Gavin & Asha that i wanted in my feed. 

April - 

1. Meal organisation. 
2. My current reads. 
3. Begging for mashed potatoes! 
4. Warm enough for ice cream. 
5. Enjoying ice cream at the park. 
6. Gavin & Asha. 
7. Sunday arvo walk. 
8. Poser ;) But i love this pic. 
9. Us :) 

1. New Nike runners! 
2. Lucky that we have a watch cat. 
3. Licking the bowl from Alex's bday cake. 
4. Relaxing bath with a cup of tea & a good book. 
5. We were heart attacked by the sister missionaries. 
6. Nana turns 78. 
7. Uno with Morgan & Alex on Easter morning. 
8. Easter brunch with my whole family. 
9. Jory on Easter. 

1. Easter egg hunt in our backyard. 
2. My Easter pressie from mum & dad. 
3. Us on Easter. 
4. Took some maternity photos of Morgan & Alex. 
5. $15 doona cover = love. 
6. ANZAC Day in Deloraine. 
7. Gavin & his mum on ANZAC Day. 
8. Us on ANZAC Day. 
9. New arrivals in the mail! 

1. Gavin's birthday. Spoilt! 
2. Very excited about lego chess. Such a child ;P 
3. I hope our future babies get his dimples! 
4. Morgan made him a great cake. 
5. Cake thief! 
6. Brunch. He wishes Morgan & Alex would stay more often ;) 
7. I posted on my blog about something important. 
8. Sue's 60th birthday. She loved her gift. 
9. Received an email from Sister Stewart! 

Can't believe that it is May!!

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