Guide falls

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back in October we went for a drive to Guide Falls, near Ulverstone. We asked Nana and Papa if they wanted to come with us too. At the time, Nana's sister, Agnes and her husband, Pete were staying with nana and papa, so they came along too.

It was fairly easy to find, and was in the middle of lots of beautiful greenery.

We had a short drive to the first car park, where you could walk along to the falls. We had heard that it was a short, flat walk, and it definitely was. It would be easy to do with a pram too (although the path is loose stones). The road also went up further for you to be able to drive and park at the top of the falls and walk down. 

We had a look at this little spot, and thought it looked beautiful, but it was nothing compared to what was up a little further!

The falls are really big, and so pretty!

My nana & papa ^^ 

 Agnes & Pete ^^ 

I had a play with my camera, taking photos of lots of pretty things, before we decided to walk up some (very steep!) stairs to the top of the falls.

The view from the top was just as good, if not better! It was very impressive.

We walked back down again and grabbed a group photo in front of the falls.

I am glad that i remembered to grab one, i love this photo. ^^

I had to spend a little more time taking some more photos on the way back to the car.

It is a really short, ten minute walk (if you aren't stopping to take photos every five seconds). 

I love this photo of Gavin :) ^^ 

 This is the hill beside the falls, and at the top is an alpaca farm (which is a whole other post!).

We had a nice day, which actually turned out quite hot by the afternoon. I love seeing new places, and nana said that it was a lot better than Liffey Falls.
I'm so glad that we were able to go with nana and papa & agnes and pete, it made the day very enjoyable :)

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The Kings said...

oh wow! I really want to go there now. I love the walk to Liffey Falls, but these falls are much bigger.

Tiny Tina said...

Hey Mak, your shots are amazing I love all that nature up close stuff. Tried a few myself and was happy with them. The ones of people show the love they are great, glad you and Gav appreciate the older people in your life they are only here for a short while and have so much to teach us. I miss my boy and am planning my break for ear;y next year I think. Stay happy and my love to you both.

Anonymous said...

I have to visit there.
I didn't even know about that.
Looks beautiful.
Love Lorraine.

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