Twenty Four

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gavin turned 24 on the 26th April. He was lucky that it was a Saturday and he didn't have to work. I spoilt him a bit too much, but he loved his presents. We had some friends and our family over for tea & cake that night, which was fun. Crazy to think that Gavin is 24.

I'm kind of regretting this present.. now i have to learn to play ;)  ^^

I hope our future kiddies get his dimples ^^ 

Morgan made Gavin a great lego head cake (as he is such a big kid!), it was great! Check out the cheeky cake thief! ^^

Happy Birthday, honey xx 

Guide falls

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back in October we went for a drive to Guide Falls, near Ulverstone. We asked Nana and Papa if they wanted to come with us too. At the time, Nana's sister, Agnes and her husband, Pete were staying with nana and papa, so they came along too.

It was fairly easy to find, and was in the middle of lots of beautiful greenery.

We had a short drive to the first car park, where you could walk along to the falls. We had heard that it was a short, flat walk, and it definitely was. It would be easy to do with a pram too (although the path is loose stones). The road also went up further for you to be able to drive and park at the top of the falls and walk down. 

We had a look at this little spot, and thought it looked beautiful, but it was nothing compared to what was up a little further!

The falls are really big, and so pretty!

My nana & papa ^^ 

 Agnes & Pete ^^ 

I had a play with my camera, taking photos of lots of pretty things, before we decided to walk up some (very steep!) stairs to the top of the falls.

The view from the top was just as good, if not better! It was very impressive.

We walked back down again and grabbed a group photo in front of the falls.

I am glad that i remembered to grab one, i love this photo. ^^

I had to spend a little more time taking some more photos on the way back to the car.

It is a really short, ten minute walk (if you aren't stopping to take photos every five seconds). 

I love this photo of Gavin :) ^^ 

 This is the hill beside the falls, and at the top is an alpaca farm (which is a whole other post!).

We had a nice day, which actually turned out quite hot by the afternoon. I love seeing new places, and nana said that it was a lot better than Liffey Falls.
I'm so glad that we were able to go with nana and papa & agnes and pete, it made the day very enjoyable :)

One Year

Monday, May 19, 2014

On the 15th February it was our one year anniversary. We actually moved house that day, and didn't end up celebrating until about a month later! We went our for tea at Hog's breath cafe. Our meal was delicious, and we had a nice night.

I'm lucky that i am married to this cutie! ^^

We were cracking up at the bib they gave me with my ribs! 

After tea we could barely move from so much food, so we went for a walk around the seaport - what we did on our first date after Gavin came to Tassie to visit me for three weeks when we were dating. 

We had a laugh talking about our time walking there, it was only our second date ever, and we both knew he had made the trip to Tassie just to visit me. We were laughing about how long it took for him to reach out and hold my hand! 

We tried reenact the photo we took that night. It's a little blurry and Gavin's finger is in it too! 

And this one below is from our second date. We look heaps younger! 

I love this video below, it is a quick, 15 second snapshot of our first year of marriage. Lots of laughter and happiness, love and fun. Also the things not pictured, the fights and the frustrations, the heart ache and the tears . I wouldn't have wanted to share all of that with anyone else. I am lucky to have Gavin, he is so kind & funny, and we somehow fit together perfectly. Thanks for a great first year of marriage, Gavin, i love you xx

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This year for ANZAC Day we were going to go to the dawn service (which is what we usually do), but as Gavin's mum Sue, is in Tassie at the moment, we decided to go to the march with her. It was nice to be back in Deloraine for the march as that is where i marched when i was in primary and high school. It was nice to be there and see lots of people we know.

We are so grateful for all the men and women who sacrifice and serve for our country.

Gavin and Sue ^^

Me and Gavin. This is my new favourite picture of us. Gavin just recently got that beanie, and still isn't sure about it, but i really like it :)

Lest We Forget.

Insta-life {March & April}

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time is going so fast! These past two months have been busy with work & lots of birthdays. 

Left to right, from top to bottom. 

March - 

1. Asha & Jory testing out the new sandpit. 
2. Sister Tauti & Sister Adams at Tasmazia. 
3. Happy wife, happy life! 
4. Gavin, being Gavin, at Tasmazia. 
5. Sister Adams first Golden Gaytime! (she's american)
6. Taking Sis Adams to the airport. 
7. Saying goodbye to Sis Adams & Sis Vermulen. 
8. Anniversary dinner at Hogs breathe (a month late!). 
9. Anniversary dinner. 

1. Asha playing with the antlers. 
2. New side table. 
3. Playing Blokus with Jordan & Hannah. 
4. Sprained my ankle! So painful! 
5. Love watching Asha play & learn. 
6. I never normally clean up after Gavin, but this was a once off - worth it for a tidy bedroom! His bedside table was out of control! 
7. Ordered the groceries online, in my pjs, and they were delivered. Never going to the supermarket again. 
8. 25 cent polaroid camera from the tip! Bargain of the century. 
9. Love watching Asha play. 

1. Sister Tauti's birthday. 
2. Happy Birthday Sister Tauti! 
3. My daycare kids making me some 'soup'. I love my new job! 
4. Happy mail day - love the pattern. 
5. Playing lego with Asha. 
6. Asha begs to check my mail every time he is over. 
7. Asha & Frankie. 
8. Love my job. 
9. An oldie of Gavin & Asha that i wanted in my feed. 

April - 

1. Meal organisation. 
2. My current reads. 
3. Begging for mashed potatoes! 
4. Warm enough for ice cream. 
5. Enjoying ice cream at the park. 
6. Gavin & Asha. 
7. Sunday arvo walk. 
8. Poser ;) But i love this pic. 
9. Us :) 

1. New Nike runners! 
2. Lucky that we have a watch cat. 
3. Licking the bowl from Alex's bday cake. 
4. Relaxing bath with a cup of tea & a good book. 
5. We were heart attacked by the sister missionaries. 
6. Nana turns 78. 
7. Uno with Morgan & Alex on Easter morning. 
8. Easter brunch with my whole family. 
9. Jory on Easter. 

1. Easter egg hunt in our backyard. 
2. My Easter pressie from mum & dad. 
3. Us on Easter. 
4. Took some maternity photos of Morgan & Alex. 
5. $15 doona cover = love. 
6. ANZAC Day in Deloraine. 
7. Gavin & his mum on ANZAC Day. 
8. Us on ANZAC Day. 
9. New arrivals in the mail! 

1. Gavin's birthday. Spoilt! 
2. Very excited about lego chess. Such a child ;P 
3. I hope our future babies get his dimples! 
4. Morgan made him a great cake. 
5. Cake thief! 
6. Brunch. He wishes Morgan & Alex would stay more often ;) 
7. I posted on my blog about something important. 
8. Sue's 60th birthday. She loved her gift. 
9. Received an email from Sister Stewart! 

Can't believe that it is May!!

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