Insta-life {January & February}

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

January and February we were blessed with such great weather! It was so hot and sunny. We tried to make the most of it and enjoy it while it lasted. 

Left to right, from the top. 

January - 

1. Sunset on New Years Eve. 
2. Jory at Binalong Bay.
3. Asha ready for the beach. 
4. Hanging out at the shack. 
5. Gavin building a sand castle for Asha (Binalong Bay). 
6. Chey at Binalong. 
7. Gavin's first time at Binalong. 
8. Chey photo bombing. 
9. Hanging at Binalong. 

1. Everyone together at the shack. 
2. On the way home from St Helens. 
3. Night swimming at the gorge. Still 30 degrees at 10pm! 
4. Night swimming at the gorge. 
5. Hot days at in home care!
6. Twin photoshoot. 
7. Picking Gavin up from work. 
8. Came home to a made bed and washing folded. 
9. Our cartoon drawing.

1. My birthday presents from Gavin (spoilt!). 
2. My birthday cake - a apple crumble cheesecake. 
3. Pancakes at the raspberry farm for my birthday brunch. 
4. Asha and Frankie. 
5. Nana meets Frankie. 
6. Gavin meets Kiara's rat! 
7. We took things that weighed us down in 2013 and threw them into the ocean, 
'letting them go'. It felt like a huge weight had lifted! 
8. Selfie on the beach. I love this picture so much. 
9. Sunset at said beach. 

1. Me, Nana & Papa on my birthday. 
2. Birthday presents from my parents. 
3. Selfies with Asha on my bday. 
4. Underwater selfies with Jory. 
5. Richard & Kiara, Me & Gavin. 
6. Dad, Jory, Asha at the gorge. 
7. Asha & Jory. 
8. Me & Gavin. 
9. Gavin's brother drove down from QLD and brought all of his stuff 
from his mum's place. 

1. Mask found in Gavin's stuff from QLD. He stood in the doorway and scared me! 
2. I started using my project life scrapbook stuff. 
3. Project life. 
4. Newborn twins photoshoot with Morgan. 
5. Asha's new pillow ;) 
6. Breakfast at the hotel (hobart for the Peppa Pig show).
7. Walking to the Peppa Pig show.
8. Excited for the show to start!
9. Enjoyed the show :). 

February - 

1. Sunset on the way home from Peppa Pig. 
2. Packing to move house. 
3. A new car for Gavin to run from our house to work. 
4. Chaos at the new place! 
5. That's better ;) 
6. The cutest moving helper we had ;) 
7. A house warming/anniversary gift left at the new place for us. 
8. Moving in! 
9. We love our new place, so peaceful and our neighbours 
are a lot further away than our old place. 

1. Making playdough with Asha. 
2. Making caves for the animals with playdough. 
3. Put these masks on to try and scare mum & dad at their window in the night.
4. Gavin gets so bored in spotlight. 
5. Making cookies with Asha. 
6. Finger painting with Asha! 
7. More finger painting. 
8. The sister missionaries helped us clean out the sandpit and put new sand in. 
9. Clearing branches and chopping logs at Grandad's place from the 10 gumtrees he had cut down. 

Can't believe that it is march! :) 

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