Our Christmas

Monday, December 29, 2014

It felt like we celebrated Christmas a lot this year as we had a picnic with Gavin's family the weekend before Christmas. I decided to take a break from work starting on the 19th December, and i am so glad that i did as we were able to really prepare and enjoy all the festivities this year. 

On Christmas Eve we went to mum and dad's place to get everything set up for Christmas day. The boys heard that Santa would be coming on a fire truck to hand out some lollies, and waited at the end of the driveway for about an hour, until they heard the sirens, and then finally got to see Santa on the firetruck. I love how Asha is at such a fun age and is SO excited about Christmas and Santa. He definitely makes it a lot of fun. Jory is a little older now, and is still excited, but Asha is very cute to watch. 

i love the wave ^^

Before we went home, Asha and i sprinkled some reindeer food out on the lawn, that we had made together at daycare. He was so cute, spreading it evenly across different areas of the lawn. 

When we got home we had a picnic for tea, with lots of cold meats and then chocolate fondu for dessert. We have adopted this tradition from my friend, Lisa, and Gavin and i really love it. While we were eating we watched Elf, which is definitely our favourite Christmas movie!

Ridiculously cute lego that we couldn't pass up! I love it! ^^

Christmas morning was really nice. Last year didn't feel like Christmas, i think partly because we didn't have a Christmas tree. I had a tree on layby this year, and i just love it! It is a great size etc. I am sad to take it down! 

This year, i had a really big surprise for Gavin. I have had an electric drumkit on layby for months, and i was so excited to give it to him! He had no clue what it was, and his reaction made it all worth it. Leading up to Christmas i was thinking that he knew what it was, so i threw him off with weird hints saying things like 'your present is such a weird shape, it was so hard to wrap' etc, and i think he was truly surprised. This photo says it all ^^

After he had opened it up and realised what it all was etc, he got a little bit overwhelmed! ^^

He made me feel really emotional as he kept thanking me and said 
'this is just amazing, i love it so much. I never could have dreamed that i would ever have a present like this. Thank you so much.' ...

After we opened presents with each other, we had some brunch and i gave Gavin a (much needed) haircut that we hadn't had time for! I finished off making the trifle, and then we headed off to my parent's place. On the way there we met everyone at the workshop, where we got given our Christmas present from mum and dad - an outdoor setting that dad (and Chey) have been working on. Unfortunately there was a big influx of work at the workshop and they aren't 100% finished yet, but they look amazing so far! It is a really cool present, we can't wait to use it. 

We had a lovely afternoon at mum and dad's with the whole family, exchanging presents and having a yummy tea. We had to change the way that we set the tables etc up this year as the family is growing so much! We had a really nice day and came home super full of yummy food. 

This photo is a bit of a weird crop, but i love Asha's reaction to a hat we got him with an A for Asha on the front. ^^

How cute is James in his tiny J hat!? ^^

The oldest and the youngest in the family - 82 years apart. James and James junior, junior! ^^

Mmmm, dessert ^^

Christmas day pav! ^^

We had the tables set up in a big square shape this year, and it was a lot easier to talk to everyone. The table looked really pretty :) ^^

We had two turkeys this size to feed everyone! ^^

Tickling Papa! ^^

The family is growing! :) ^^

Gavin and his dessert! ^^ 

We tried for a nice Christmas day photo ... This one is semi decent! ^^

The rest looked like this!! :O ^^ haha

When we got home Gavin finished setting up his drumkit and played for a few hours. All i could hear was thumping, but it sounded like it was a good beat! haha. 

We had a lovely Christmas, filled with lots of good food, surrounded by people we love, celebrating the birth of our Saviour <3 nbsp="" p="">

Jack family Christmas

The weekend before Christmas we caught up with Gavin's side of the family at city park to have a Christmas celebration. It was a beautiful day and we were lucky enough to see our niece, Sarah, in her highland dancing competition. She did a great job and came away with a 1st, 2nd and 5th!

We had a nice day chatting, playing, watching Sarah dance, exchanging presents and enjoying a picnic together. It was nice to see everyone before a lot of the family went to QLD to spend Christmas with everyone up there.

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