The one where Morgan turns 18

Friday, November 8, 2013

It's so crazy to think that my baby sister turned 18 on the 11th October!

Morgan wanted to celebrate the night by going out for dinner with family and a few friends. We went to the Deloraine Hotel and had a really yummy pub meal. Morgan's theme for the night was 'rainbow' and her cake looked amazing. It was delicious.

The birthday girl!

Morgan with her boyfriend, Alex.

This is morgan, being morgan!

Some of her friends

Agnus & Pete - Nana's sister and her husband.

Looking cool there, dad.

This photo cracks me up!

Dad gave a cool speech, and wrote a poem. It was very funny :) I videoed it but can't get it onto my computer as iphoto needs an update to work with ios7.

Then it was time for the cake and presents.

We love our little buddy who always likes to help us blow out the candles :) ^^

Yup, that's Morgan ^^^

Morgan had asked family members to give her gifts for her house, as she is moving out soon. She scored well!

We got her this cool sign ^^ and now i want to go back and get one for ourselves! haha

The night ended by lots of people heading to mum and dad's place to play some pool and chat.

Morgan has always been my best friend and partner in crime! We had so much fun growing up together, and i hope that when we have children that we can have two girls in a row, and i hope that they enjoy the same friendship we have.

18 things that i love about Morgan -

1 - She is my best friend

2 - she is hilarious! The things that she says and does crack me up.

3 - she used to always copy everything i did when we were younger, i used to hate it but then i grew to love that she wanted to be like me.

4 - no matter what my crazy idea was, she was always up for it! Even if it meant doing a poo out of a tree! (that's a whole other story haha)

5 - She isn't afraid to be her own person.

6 - she doesn't care what people think of her

7 - She was always a lot louder than me, and i was the quiet one, but she always looked out for me and defended me, even though she is the little sister! She still has my back.

8 - We had the best time growing up watching our favourite things together - winnie the pooh, rugrats, cat dog, and disney movies.

9 - She is bossy! It is sometimes a good thing ;) She can always tell you when you are being an idiot and boss you into doing what you should be doing in the first place.

10 - she is loyal - i used to make her do so many silly things when we were younger, and she never once dobbed on me to mum and dad!

11 - Her love for macaroni cheese.

12 - How she used to wear gumboots all the time... even to bed!

13 - Even if it was the very last bite of her absolute favourite meal or snack, if you asked for some, she will always give it to you.

14 - the fact that she was the best maid of honour ever, and did such a good job.

15 - she is smart.

16 - that she loves food as much as i do, and we enjoy thinking up yummy treats to make together.

17 - the fact that we have seen all the same movies and quote them to each other all the time. we make ourselves laugh, and have the best inside jokes.

18 - She is the best sister in the world.

I love you Morgan.

Welcome to this new stage of life! I can't believe you are adult. It is so fun seeing you grow up, and i hope as adults, that we can have just as much fun as when we were kids together :)

Love you, Pongo! ;)

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