Insta-life {September}

Thursday, October 10, 2013

September was good to us.

Here's a wrap up of our September. All photos were taken on instagram, everyone who knows me knows that i am addicted to that app! Such an easy way to take photos and share them. I am @makayla_jack on there if you want to find me. I downloaded the photos to my computer from this website and made them into a collage with pic monkey.

{Left to right from the top}

1. We bought a juicer and started making our own fresh juice. 
2. Charlie loves the sunny spots in our house. 
3. The blossoms are out! Yay for spring! 
4. Asha snuck onto Chey's xbox and started to talking to his friend. 
5. Gavin bought me a gift 'just because'. 
6. We got a Christus statue. We always imagined having one in our house, and now we do. 
7. We bought some new furniture! 
8. Charlie always climbs along the fence like this. Makes us laugh! 
9. We started trying to drink only water. 

1. We went to Hobart for the weekend. Gavin had a snow cone for the first time ever at Salamanca market. 
2. Enjoying our time in Hobart. 
3. We went to Zoe's mission farewell. 
4. Our new bed set up. (also new doona cover and cushions) 
5. I got my first aid certificate. 
6. We took Asha on a date to see Planes. 
7. We made our first green smoothie. 
8. More new bedroom furniture. 
9. We got a heat pump. Just in time for summer! ;) 

 1. Took Asha to the beach after we watched Planes. 
2. Eating healthy.
3. Charlie naps on our bed every day. 
4. I dusted off my sewing machine. 
5. Bought our first Christmas decorations! 
6. So. Much. Washing. 
7. Charlie naps on our bed. Again. 
8. The cushions i sewed!
9. Christmas decorations start to appear in shops. (already!)

And that was September! Crazy to think that it's October already! 

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emjay1000 said...

Cool. Seems you are favouring one brother in particular ;) hehe. Well, in September anyway!

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