60 Years

Saturday, September 28, 2013

In August we went out for dinner to celebrate my Nana & Papa's 60th wedding anniversary! They are my great-grandparents, and we were really excited and happy that they have reached this mile stone together.

We went out for tea in westbury and then home to mum and dad's place for some tea and cake.

I loved the cake that mum organised - it looked so nice!

Nana doesn't let me take photos of them very often, she usually lets me take one and then says 'that's enough' so i was happy that i was able to get so many that night, with everyone that was there..

Love my little photo bomber!

Nana and papa with their son, James, my grandad. (their other two sons have passed away).

It was nice that their grandson, Scott, was able to make it down to Tasmania to celebrate with us.

Me and Gavin with them... And Asha - he just can't resist :)

Mum and dad, Morgan, Chey, Jory and Asha with Nana and Papa. These photos crack me up! You won't get a nice family picture with everyone smiling nicely and looking at the camera with these guys! That's ok though - it's not who they are and this captures them so much better. It cracks me up that Asha is the one who stays looking at the camera and smiling! Such a poser, that boy :)

Everyone on that side of the family has the same sense of humour!

Our gift to them - it's a silver plate to represent 'silver', the 60th anniversary gift. It looks lovely in their house.

I love my nana and papa so much. I was so happy that we were able to celebrate 60 years of marriage with them. I love that they always have a good laugh together and look out for each other. 

Nana and papa told me when i was younger to find a man who makes me laugh, because although they may be good looking at 20, when they're 80 they are going to have grey hair and wrinkles, but they will still be able to make you laugh.. 
They always look after me (grandad says that they spoil me). But i am thankful to have such kind, loving people as my great-grandparents. I feel sad for Gavin, as he never got to spend any time with any grandparents of his, let alone great-grandparents, but i am happy because they love him too and look out for him and spoil him too. 

I love that they let me record our conversation around the table after we ate cake :) This is a precious video to me, and i am so happy that i have it. 

I love you Nana & Papa, thank you for being a great example of how to be happy in your marriage and for always making us laugh. I don't know what i would do without you.

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