Snowy Cradle Mountain

Friday, August 30, 2013

Back in July we had a couple of days off and decided to head to cradle mountain. We thought we would ask nana and papa if they wanted to come too.

Papa drove until the Mt. Roland lookout and then we stopped and i took over.

This is one of my favourite photos that i have ever taken... Nana & Papa at the Mt. Roland lookout.

Mt. Roland.

Then we headed up to Cradle Mountain. It was so beautiful all the way up, covered in snow everywhere. I wanted to be snapping photos the whole time, but i was the driver. When we got up the lady said it would be better to take the bus up because it was so slippery with all the ice and snow. We finally got a bus (they didn't have many running), and were so awestruck by the views. It is SO pretty up there, especially covered in snow!
Apparently this photo i took was in the newspaper last week, so if anyone still has a copy of the examiner i would love to see it, not sure what day it was.

Love this photo below :)

Because of all the snow it was super slippery to walk around, so Gavin and i headed around Dove Lake to the boat house, while nana and papa stayed at the front of the lake.

We made it to the boat house and weren't keen on going any further - it took ages trying to go slowly through the ice. Next time we need to take better shoes. It was so pretty everywhere though!

Love this photo as well :)

We caught the bus back and planned to check out the falls just down the road, but because we waited so long for the bus, it was too dark by the time we got there. We headed through Sheffield on the way home to check out all the murals as Gavin had never been there before. We went into a second hand shop and papa found a pin he has been searching for for years. It was from the regiment he was in during the war. I wish i grabbed a photo of him with it, but i forgot and it was pretty much dark.

We had such a fun day with nana and papa, it was such a mild day, not really cold at all and we didn't really need coats.. It was nice to spend some time with them and go somewhere new. I hope we can do some more trips soon. Love you guys. xx


Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm about 6 months late on this post, but back in january i turned 21!... 

It was only a few weeks before the wedding so i had a pretty quiet day. Gavin came over early in the morning (to the cottage) and made me breakfast in bed. Pancakes with strawberries & cream. And Milo. I love that he wrote 'love' in strawberries :) 

He gave me this cute locket.. which i am still needing to put a photo in! talk about slack.

We then drove up north to have dinner with my whole family... Mum & dad, the kids, grandad, nana and papa, alan and ruth and my aunty carmen and her kids. We went to restaurant red for tea, i didn't really enjoy my meal, but everyone else seemed to.

I was spoilt with lots of gorgeous gifts!

Then we went home for some cake :) it was very yummy.

Asha was so cute showing me all the things he can do on the iPad.

And my present from mum & dad - a new lens! Very exciting :D

I never expected that i would be getting married at 21... Life is definitely surprising.

21 goals is a bit too many to set for now, so 3 goals i am working towards while being 21 are;

- stop being lazy with photography and learn to shoot in manual mode properly

- learn to cook a wider variety of things

- be a loving wife

Happy 21st to me :)

6 months

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I seriously can't believe how fast time is going! Today we have been married for 6 whole months! It feels like it has gone by in the blink of an eye, but at the same time it feels like it has been forever already ;)

In 6 months we have already lived in two houses, and moved from one end of the state to another. We have had 3 pets (and now sadly, only have 1). We have almost watched the entire 10 seasons of the tv show, Friends. (Gavin has been educated and now loves it as much as i do. Sadly we only have a few episodes left)...

I love you so much Gavin. I love you even more now than i did on the day we got married, i didn't even think that was possible! I have never loved someone this much before. I have also never had moments of wanting to stab someone in the throat with a fork so much before now! Just kidding ;) but you sure know how to push my buttons!

We have so many silly jokes between us, and i love that we make each other laugh everyday. We definitely have our ups and downs and hard times, but the good times outweigh the bad. And at the end of the day we go to bed happy... except when you roll over and over in bed and take all the blankets from me. that just makes me mad... ;)

Happy halfaversary Gavin. Can't believe i've been lucky enough to be married to you for 181 days already. I love you x

Cottage Life

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We had a lot of fun while we lived at the cottage.. most of the fun we had doesn't really have its own blog post, but i want to record that chapter, so i am dumping a heap of instagram pictures here to record our cottage life...
I tried to make them smaller and go side by side, but it didn't work for me, so i'm just going with it like this...

And this, is what we refer to as our 'cottage life' ...

We made our first meal together.

Gavin built us a wardrobe. 

We went to Nandos.

We went to the movies. Think the movie was 'Argo' .. it was good.

Our niece, Emma was born. I took her pictures.

We went to the botanical gardens.

Found this picture of 10 year old Gavin (far left)

Had dinner with Camilla & Cameron

Folded and delivered catalogues to make money.

Enjoyed sunshine.

80 days until our wedding!

Folded more catalogues...

But we were happy!

Summer was gooooooood...

We enjoyed living 10 minutes drive from the beach.

The chookens got friendly.

Morgan came to stay.

And brought gifts.

It was only 73 days. But who was counting?

Gavin grossed me out by adding cheezels to his milk.

Morgan & Gavin bonded.

Then bonded more.

We lit the fire in summer.

We folded more catalogues.

We got Gavin a car. Well, mum & dad did.

We got a tv! (and no longer had to stare at the wall ;)

We rang in the new year with good friends... By playing a 4 hour super mario bros marathon on the wii.

Toasted to the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. All of us got married in 2013 - already a good year :)

The chookens got bigger.

Summer was good to us again. 40 degrees celsius!

Our nephew, Thomas got baptised.

40 days til the wedding.

Our friends, Elle & Jacob got engaged... and had a cute garden party.

We got a late engagement pressie!

Gavin started working for a marketing company.

I ripped the leather in my car with my engagement ring.

Nana & Papa sent some love.

Kiara came to stay and we perfected the art of iced chocolate making.

I made Gavin lunch.

We enjoyed the beach... again...

We spent time with our nieces and nephews.

We finally got the tv working.

I started work at subway. Again.

Jory came to stay and we went to the zoo.

We had our interviews for the temple.

We picked fresh flowers. And got married somewhere around here... 

Got a wedding photo printed as a poster.


Gavin cooked...

I discovered what's important enough to him to keep on his desk.

I made our sister in law Bec a really cool birthday cake.

We ate the cake.

I got tonsillitis (as soon as the wedding was over).

I still had tonsillitis and spent a week in bed watching Land Girls. Zoe made me some soup.

We found a mouse. Or two. Or three.

We went to salamanca market without jackets or umbrellas and got caught in a huge storm. We will have to go back.

We enjoyed the rest of the storm from our warm bed watching movies all day.

I cut Gavin's hair for the first time.

He will tell you that it didn't go well.

We had some packing helpers.

Gavin studied.

We babysat.

We packed some more.

We enjoyed the beach one last time.

We visited the Huon for the first time.

Gavin modeled to test a photoshoot location.

I did said photoshoot with these two...

We got our wedding photos!

We packed and loaded the cars.

We had some packing and moving helpers...

Who got distracted ;)

And then we said goodbye to our cottage life and hello to the new stage of our life...

Somehow '3 bedroom house life' doesn't quite have the same ring to it... but we love it :) 

Life is good. 

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