The Cottage

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In November last year i moved down to Hobart to live in 'the cottage'...

We have since moved to Launceston when we realised that Hobart didn't really work for us. We had some good times though, and the cottage is definitely the place where Gavin and i got to know each other the best. It is the place that we lived when we first got married. Living in such a small space together really tested our (or maybe just my!) patience early on haha. I really like my own space to do my own thing now and then, and there wasn't much space for that! Despite that though, we somehow made it work together and had lots of laughs and good times here.

Flowers from our cute neighbours when i moved in :)

Can't believe that i moved in with 109 days until the wedding... we have now been married for 159! Feels like forever ;)

The lounge room/kitchen ;)

Bathroom.. definitely no room to swing a cat ;) haha

On the day i moved in dad disappeared for ages. He came back with a heap of groceries to fill the fridge and pantry. It was so sweet and i was so grateful!

When i first moved in we didn't have a tv and found ourselves one night just staring at this bookshelf ;) We did watch movies on my computer though. Mum & dad bought us a tv for christmas and we enjoyed that after that ;)

The bedroom. This room was about the same size as the other rooms of the house put together! It had nice light in there though.

One thing i didn't think about was that there wouldn't be any built in wardrobes. We did end up getting one as a wedding present and bought a second one as well, because when Gavin moved in there was just no where to put any of our junk!

One thing i miss about the cottage is the pretty gardens. So many gorgeous flowers and plants everywhere. Very nice for taking photos, although i didn't really take advantage of that!

We had some really good times while we lived at the cottage, which i might do another post about, but we knew it was the right thing to move to Northern Tasmania. It's funny how you don't know why you have to do something, but we knew we had to make the move and felt good about it. Everything just fell into place for us, and now we are incredibly happy in our new home.. I will share our new house in another post too. I am loving having this record of the early days of our marriage, I hope that our kids will look back on it one day (in the very very very far away future!) and enjoy seeing our life before them :)

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