The Cottage

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In November last year i moved down to Hobart to live in 'the cottage'...

We have since moved to Launceston when we realised that Hobart didn't really work for us. We had some good times though, and the cottage is definitely the place where Gavin and i got to know each other the best. It is the place that we lived when we first got married. Living in such a small space together really tested our (or maybe just my!) patience early on haha. I really like my own space to do my own thing now and then, and there wasn't much space for that! Despite that though, we somehow made it work together and had lots of laughs and good times here.

Flowers from our cute neighbours when i moved in :)

Can't believe that i moved in with 109 days until the wedding... we have now been married for 159! Feels like forever ;)

The lounge room/kitchen ;)

Bathroom.. definitely no room to swing a cat ;) haha

On the day i moved in dad disappeared for ages. He came back with a heap of groceries to fill the fridge and pantry. It was so sweet and i was so grateful!

When i first moved in we didn't have a tv and found ourselves one night just staring at this bookshelf ;) We did watch movies on my computer though. Mum & dad bought us a tv for christmas and we enjoyed that after that ;)

The bedroom. This room was about the same size as the other rooms of the house put together! It had nice light in there though.

One thing i didn't think about was that there wouldn't be any built in wardrobes. We did end up getting one as a wedding present and bought a second one as well, because when Gavin moved in there was just no where to put any of our junk!

One thing i miss about the cottage is the pretty gardens. So many gorgeous flowers and plants everywhere. Very nice for taking photos, although i didn't really take advantage of that!

We had some really good times while we lived at the cottage, which i might do another post about, but we knew it was the right thing to move to Northern Tasmania. It's funny how you don't know why you have to do something, but we knew we had to make the move and felt good about it. Everything just fell into place for us, and now we are incredibly happy in our new home.. I will share our new house in another post too. I am loving having this record of the early days of our marriage, I hope that our kids will look back on it one day (in the very very very far away future!) and enjoy seeing our life before them :)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I feel like i need to finish off posting about our wedding so that i can get onto some more recent posts. I am loving having a blog to record our life together, it is such an easy way to put pictures and words together, and it is so nice to have something to look back on in years to come :)

Ok so... the wedding day! Like i said, the day was so much fun! I had a blast with all my friends as my bridesmaids and then of course seeing everyone at Brickendon for the day... You can also read about our sealing here. 

I loved how the barn looked. We had fairy lights around the outside, and bunting hanging. I loved the pinwheels and the glass bottles - everything really!
My only regret (which i didn't realise until half way through the night!) was that i only hired one photographer and didn't have a second shooter to capture candid moments! I am absolutely kicking myself! i had a photobooth planned and that fell through, so i guess it just slipped my mind.

Ok - overload of photos time!

This cool thing was made of sticks, and we wrapped fairy lights around it and it hung above the dance floor :)

No idea what is so funny, but this cracks me up :)

.... and here comes the bride!

Asha was soooo cute! I really didn't think that he was going to cooperate at all, but we wrote on a chalkboard and told him to 'go and give it to Gavin'... he was hilarious!

He took it and RAN down the aisle...

Handed it to Gavin and then RAN back to us! so funny and cute :)

The chalkboard says - 'Gavin, here comes your girl'....

He then walked down the aisle with Jory (who was the cutest ring bearer)

and stood with all the other boys :)

My gorgeous bridesmaids walked down the aisle and then it was my turn! I hate people looking at me or feeling the centre of attention so i was super nervous! The music started to play.. and then stopped again! So we had a laugh and just went with it and walked down anyway :)

These photos are out of order, but we said some vowels and a scripture and also a poem, and then we said our i dos.. and that was it! time to party!

Our scrumptious cake! It was so delicious - we have the top layer sitting in our freezer ready for our first wedding anniversary.. or our first baby.. whichever happens first.. hint - it's definitely not the baby! ;)

Group shot of all the guests

Both of our families

My immediate family...

My maid of honour - my sister :)

My great-grandparents - my nana and papa :)

Gavin always wanted a little brother, and now he has three! :)

And now - a photo dump of some of my favourites! No need for many words :)

Favourite bridal party shot below ...

Hehe, love our shoe choice for the day! it was so comfy!

Favorite bridesmaid shot below!

I really treasure these photos - Asha knew that i didn't want my dress dirty and when he saw that it was dragging on the ground, he came running up to me and grabbed it and carried it along, walking behind me and said 'I'll help you Kayla!' ... it was the sweetest thing, and absolutely melted my heart.

Love these next two :)

I really treasure these next few photos as well (Seeing as Asha wasn't interested in posing in photos during the day) ... We were waiting to be announced so we could walk into our reception and Asha came to wait with us. He was hugging and kissing us. It was so sweet and i am so glad that nicole captured these moments! I just love them so much.

Teary eyed <3 p="">

I don't know what to say about this apart from we were super tired haha.

The end! Such a fun fun fun day!!! Loved every minute of it :D I just wish there was an appropriate place that i can keep wearing my dress! I love it so much :D haha

And that is the full story of how i became Mrs Jack ... << still sounds weird. 
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