Our wedding (getting ready!)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

After our lovely temple sealing in Brisbane  we had a week of 'relaxation' (i say relaxation like that because it was anything but! we were stressing about our huge tassie wedding!) before it was time to fly back to Tasmania to have a big ceremony and reception with all our family and friends... (which we almost didn't make it to as we missed our flight and thought we were stuck in brisbane forever ;) more on that later!) ............

I have to break down the posts about our awesome wedding in Tasmania because i just have so many photos that i LOVE! :)

I had 6 awesome bridesmaids, with my sister Morgan as the maid of honour :) My girls were just so awesome, were so helpful and supportive to me the whole time leading up to the wedding. They were great on the day - even helping to glue a few last pinwheels together at the last minute!

I absolutely LOVED our photographer - Nicole Pearce Photography. She is a friend of ours and shot the wedding as if she were in my head, she was always shooting one step ahead of what i wanted, and as a result - gave us a thousand photos that we LOVE. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer, she is really nice and also funny and friendly! If you are in Sydney - hit her up for a shoot - love her to bits! Thanks again Nicole!!

The girls came around to mum and dad's house at about 9am on saturday 23rd of February (our wedding day!!) ... We spent the morning getting hair done, doing nails, finishing the pinwheels, and eating a glorious breakfast feast which consisted of bacon & egg muffins (made by my lovely nana), fruit, chocolate & biscuit and dip. And we also sipped on non alcoholic wine :) It was really a feast!

Our pinwheels that we used instead of flowers (you'll see them in use later on)

My absolutely gorgeous dress! I am so in love with my dress!! I loved the detail, the whole dress is covered in beads & sequins. It really made me feel special and like a princess. And, even better, i got to wear it twice!

I also loved my veil, which had some diamond type things hanging off it.

The bridesmaid dresses... I absolutely loved these too! They were just the perfect shade of yellow. We ordered them off the internet, they were something crazy like $80 each! I can't believe how well they turned out.

One of my best friends, Jacqui's sister Emily did our hair. She was a champion doing 7 girls hair in a row! I really loved the bridesmaids hair with their braid, but i just absolutely LOVED mine. I need her to come and do my hair everyday! :)

My dad writing out his speech :)

Nicole made the comment that i was the calmest bride that she had ever seen!... I was Sooooo relaxed while we were getting ready, and actually the whole day. I really just had so much fun with the girls and enjoyed myself. 

Our wedding day wasn't really stressful and nothing really went wrong... (That they told me about anyway!!!) I only just found out about 2 weeks ago that there was a cake fiasco with it almost flying through the windshield of the car when the bridesmaids picked it up that morning! I DID wonder why they looked at each other all shifty when we first looked at the cake! 

And plus, i had my big freakout in Brisbane ;) 

My lovely mum did my make up. She always seems to be able to make my face look 1000 times better than i can! She did a great job and i love these photos :) Thanks mum!

I bought all of my bridesmaids jewellery as a thank you gift to them. They all came from my friend Aimee's shop - Greentree.  Check her out on facebook, she makes super cute clay jewellery at really affordable prices :) Thanks for the necklaces & earrings Aimee!

Helping me into my dress!! (which was a big task - it was 10 kilos! and also had heaps of layers)... I love these few photos.

Time to meet the bridesmaids!

Meet Zoe! :) 

And Rebekah! :) 

And Jacqui! :) 

And Beth! :) 

And Kiara! :) 

And my maid of honour - Morgan! :) 

Oh, and me... the bride! :)

Morgan and i saw this cool idea on pinterest and we just had to try it! :)

Nicole then left us and went to capture photos of Gavin and some of his groomsmen getting ready.

I really love these two pictures of Gavin in the mirror :)

I love this one too :)

The men!
From left to right -

Daniel, Gavin, Peter, Jack, Alan. (not getting ready there - Tim & Chey)

And Gavin with his mum before she handed him over to me forever :)

And then... time to party!! :D

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