For time & all eternity

Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the 15th February, 2013, Gavin and i were sealed together, for time and all eternity, in the Brisbane temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. 

We believe that a temple is a House of God. We make sacred covenants (promises) inside the temple, and believe that if we live up to these, that we will be sealed together as man and wife, not only in this earthly life, but also after death, into eternity.

We were so privileged to be sealed by President Smibert. He was Gavin's mission president, and was the temple president at the time. He was such a kind and loving man, we couldn't have asked for anyone better to seal us. He is the perfect example of a righteous church member. Sadly, President Smibert passed away only a few weeks after we were sealed by him, making the experience even more special.  

When Gavin and i were in the temple together before we went into the sealing room, we sat together and whispered about how nervous and happy we were. I want to remember that moment together and how special it was and also that i knew in that moment that we were doing the right thing. Gavin said a prayer for us before we entered the sealing room, and all my nerves disappeared. 

There is no happier moment in my life, than when i was kneeling across from Gavin, holding his hand, and being sealed to him. I have never in my life felt so close to Heaven and to God. In that moment, i knew that all the trials and tests and challenges that i have faced within the church were for me to grow, to prepare me for that moment. And it was all worth it. 

Gavin and i had tears in our eyes, tears of happiness and love as we were sealed. We know how lucky we are to have found each other, and to now have each other forever. In those moments, i couldn't think of anything other than how happy i was to be there with Gavin, and that we were able to go there today, and how special  it was. I looked into his eyes, and his face covered with tears, and just knew that we would have the greatest life together. I am not sure that anything that can happen in this life will be able to make me as happy as i was that day. 

We were sealed. Together forever. Me and Gavin. Now we are the Jacks, and we are the start of our family.

Thank you, Gavin, for being the person that you are. Thank you for asking me to go with you to such a special place. Thank you for being the best example to me, and for always believing in me. I am so happy to have you and am excited that we have started our journey of forever together. I can't wait to see what the future holds. I love you more than words. Love, Makayla, your wife xxx 

Dear Gavin... (the proposal)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 Dear Gavin,

You have made me the happiest woman ever, you have asked me to be your wife. There are hardly words to describe how i feel at this moment. I am so happy and i love that you have made me so happy.

On Friday the 5th October we had our photoshoot with Alana Aston Photography. I wasn't in the mood to model. I was tired and cranky and didn't feel nice in what i was wearing. I wanted to stay home and watch a movie with you.

We drove to Wynyard, to the tulip farm, and found the perfect field. I was wishing that i was the photographer for the shoot here, or at least that i had my camera! The rows and rows of colourful tulips, on a cliff, with a lighthouse, overlooking the ocean was romantic in itself. But just being there with you made it even more romantic.

I'm not sure that anything else you ever do in our life will be as romantic as this day. We had a good shoot, did some cute cuddly shots etc,

And then just at the end, when i had totally had enough, Alana yelled out that this would be the 'world's best shot!'... I was totally confused, weren't all these shots great?? I was telling you to face the camera because you were facing me and that wasn't what you were meant to be doing and i thought that it was weird.

And then - you got down on one knee... I will never forget that moment. I couldn't believe that it was really happening. You looked so cute bending down. Then you pulled out a ring and i know my face must have been hilarious!

The moment when you first knelt down cracks me up! I said 'WHAT!'... For a split second a thought popped into my head 'so glad that Alana is here, this will make a great photo!'... The photographer in me came out a little bit! haha.

And then you said the most beautiful things to me, you said;

'Makayla, I love you very much. You have made me the happiest man in the world ever since i have met you. Now i want to make you the happiest woman, forever. Will you marry me? To be my wife and my best friend forever??' ........

..... And i, of course, said 'YES!' (and that i love you too) ;)

In that moment when you put the ring on my finger (after struggling for a while from the cold!) i felt so ridiculously happy. It was hard to believe that moment was actually happening to me. I felt so happy that i get to have the man that i love, forever. I felt a confirmation that what we were doing was right and that we would be so happy.

I barely ever cry, but i teared up when you proposed to me. You couldn't have known me better, or created a more lovely proposal. I am so grateful that we have photos to remember such a special moment in our lives. I am proud of you for doing things the right way and for asking my dad for his permission and getting down on one knee and all of that.

You are such a great guy. I am so lucky to have you. I have been searching for you ever since i read my first fairy tale. You are my other half, I love you to the moon and back,
Love, your fiance', Makayla xxxxxxxx

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