Insta-life {October}

Monday, November 11, 2013

I can't believe that October is over already and it is half way through November. 
I am still loving instagram, it is such a good way for us to document our busy life. I am trying to make more of an effort to record our pictures on the blog and also to print them, to look at in the future. I'm @makayla_jack on instagram if you want to follow me. 

{left to right, from the top}

1. Charlie was playing in my prop highchairs. I swear we don't pose him. 
2. Subway got flat bread. And it's here to stay ;) 
3. I bought a rug for the lounge room and Gavin hates it. Charlie loves it. 
4. I bought Gavin and i awesome drink bottle. Motivation to drink lots more water. p.s. they're awesome and we use them everyday. Well worth the $12.95.
5. Very first year i didn't miss out on the Frankie journal! Excited. 
6. I made my first pastry pie. Chicken & leak - yum. 
7. 10 minute chicken, broccoli & cashew stirfry - super yum. 
8. Went to guide falls with nana and papa & agnes and pete. 
9. Went to emu valley rhododendron gardens. So pretty. 

1. Asha was so cute when i went to visit. 
2. Went to the movies to see Turbo with our nieces & nephews. Gavin found his best mates. 
3. Found a new perfume that i love. It was on sale - bonus. 
4. Ate snakes for breakfast on the way to church. 
5. Put Asha to bed and read him a story. He seems so little still. 
6. Morgan turned 18. 
7. A friend came by with their whipper snipper and did our lawns without us asking. 
8. The lawns look awesome. 
9. Went to a best friend's baby shower. Can't wait to meet her baby. 

10. Went to explore a photo location. 
11. Gavin walked an Alpaca at the Alpaca farm. 
12. Went to the Tulip farm with mum & Asha. 
13. Pretty tulips. 
14. Asha was being so ridiculously cute at the tulip farm. 
15. More tulip pics. 
16. I took way too many pics there. A whole post coming soon. 
17. Charlie still loves the rug! 
18. I started a new job as an in home carer for NCN. 

Time is going so fast!

The one where Morgan turns 18

Friday, November 8, 2013

It's so crazy to think that my baby sister turned 18 on the 11th October!

Morgan wanted to celebrate the night by going out for dinner with family and a few friends. We went to the Deloraine Hotel and had a really yummy pub meal. Morgan's theme for the night was 'rainbow' and her cake looked amazing. It was delicious.

The birthday girl!

Morgan with her boyfriend, Alex.

This is morgan, being morgan!

Some of her friends

Agnus & Pete - Nana's sister and her husband.

Looking cool there, dad.

This photo cracks me up!

Dad gave a cool speech, and wrote a poem. It was very funny :) I videoed it but can't get it onto my computer as iphoto needs an update to work with ios7.

Then it was time for the cake and presents.

We love our little buddy who always likes to help us blow out the candles :) ^^

Yup, that's Morgan ^^^

Morgan had asked family members to give her gifts for her house, as she is moving out soon. She scored well!

We got her this cool sign ^^ and now i want to go back and get one for ourselves! haha

The night ended by lots of people heading to mum and dad's place to play some pool and chat.

Morgan has always been my best friend and partner in crime! We had so much fun growing up together, and i hope that when we have children that we can have two girls in a row, and i hope that they enjoy the same friendship we have.

18 things that i love about Morgan -

1 - She is my best friend

2 - she is hilarious! The things that she says and does crack me up.

3 - she used to always copy everything i did when we were younger, i used to hate it but then i grew to love that she wanted to be like me.

4 - no matter what my crazy idea was, she was always up for it! Even if it meant doing a poo out of a tree! (that's a whole other story haha)

5 - She isn't afraid to be her own person.

6 - she doesn't care what people think of her

7 - She was always a lot louder than me, and i was the quiet one, but she always looked out for me and defended me, even though she is the little sister! She still has my back.

8 - We had the best time growing up watching our favourite things together - winnie the pooh, rugrats, cat dog, and disney movies.

9 - She is bossy! It is sometimes a good thing ;) She can always tell you when you are being an idiot and boss you into doing what you should be doing in the first place.

10 - she is loyal - i used to make her do so many silly things when we were younger, and she never once dobbed on me to mum and dad!

11 - Her love for macaroni cheese.

12 - How she used to wear gumboots all the time... even to bed!

13 - Even if it was the very last bite of her absolute favourite meal or snack, if you asked for some, she will always give it to you.

14 - the fact that she was the best maid of honour ever, and did such a good job.

15 - she is smart.

16 - that she loves food as much as i do, and we enjoy thinking up yummy treats to make together.

17 - the fact that we have seen all the same movies and quote them to each other all the time. we make ourselves laugh, and have the best inside jokes.

18 - She is the best sister in the world.

I love you Morgan.

Welcome to this new stage of life! I can't believe you are adult. It is so fun seeing you grow up, and i hope as adults, that we can have just as much fun as when we were kids together :)

Love you, Pongo! ;)

The best spot in the house

Sunday, October 13, 2013

When we get up in the morning and make our bed, we let Charlie inside for a while. He straight away makes a beeline for our bed and sleeps pretty much the whole day away! The morning light is particularly nice in there so i snuck in one day to grab a few pictures of him while he was sleeping.

We love our Charlie bear so much! He is the sweetest and cutest cat <3 nbsp="" p="">

This photo is definitely our favourite...

He sure knows where the best spot in the house is! :)

Insta-life {September}

Thursday, October 10, 2013

September was good to us.

Here's a wrap up of our September. All photos were taken on instagram, everyone who knows me knows that i am addicted to that app! Such an easy way to take photos and share them. I am @makayla_jack on there if you want to find me. I downloaded the photos to my computer from this website and made them into a collage with pic monkey.

{Left to right from the top}

1. We bought a juicer and started making our own fresh juice. 
2. Charlie loves the sunny spots in our house. 
3. The blossoms are out! Yay for spring! 
4. Asha snuck onto Chey's xbox and started to talking to his friend. 
5. Gavin bought me a gift 'just because'. 
6. We got a Christus statue. We always imagined having one in our house, and now we do. 
7. We bought some new furniture! 
8. Charlie always climbs along the fence like this. Makes us laugh! 
9. We started trying to drink only water. 

1. We went to Hobart for the weekend. Gavin had a snow cone for the first time ever at Salamanca market. 
2. Enjoying our time in Hobart. 
3. We went to Zoe's mission farewell. 
4. Our new bed set up. (also new doona cover and cushions) 
5. I got my first aid certificate. 
6. We took Asha on a date to see Planes. 
7. We made our first green smoothie. 
8. More new bedroom furniture. 
9. We got a heat pump. Just in time for summer! ;) 

 1. Took Asha to the beach after we watched Planes. 
2. Eating healthy.
3. Charlie naps on our bed every day. 
4. I dusted off my sewing machine. 
5. Bought our first Christmas decorations! 
6. So. Much. Washing. 
7. Charlie naps on our bed. Again. 
8. The cushions i sewed!
9. Christmas decorations start to appear in shops. (already!)

And that was September! Crazy to think that it's October already! 

Our bedroom makeover

Sunday, October 6, 2013

For a few months now i have been feeling really frustrated with our bedroom. It has felt really dark and uninviting... I've been slowly working on a makeover and now i can finally share it! You will have to excuse the photos in this post - i uploaded the non edited ones (where i had lightened them a bit to make it easier to see) and the internet is being too slow today to reload them again.

These are the 'before' pictures...

The yellow dresser - i thought it was a good idea at the time, and now it is in the garage where i don't have to look at it!

The bedside tables - i started painting them and then got bored...

We decided to treat ourselves and buy some new furniture.. we slept in my brothers bed one night (on his brand new mattress) and once we got back in our own bed we realised just how uncomfy our mattress is! I must add though that i have had the bed and mattress since i was 15, and i think it cost me a total of $110 for both!
We only planned on getting a new mattress but then decided to splurge on a new bed (one that i have wanted forever!) and also bedside tables and chest of drawers...

This is opposite our bed...

I also decided to move the position of the bed, from the wall on the right hand side of the room to this below... It makes the room feel so much bigger! The only downside is that the bed has quite big posts and you have to turn sideways to get to Gavin's side. I have a bruise on my leg at the moment because i keep forgetting!

I have wanted a white doona cover and this type of wooden bed for a long time. I was so happy when we got both and set it up!

The white doona cover is from target, I grabbed it in their mid year home sale - $45 i think.

The red and yellow cushions were from harvey norman in a sale recently and the smaller purple coloured one was also from target.

I just made these mr & mrs cushions on the weekend. It was my first time sewing any type of cushion cover! I think they turned out alright, although Gavin is complaining that there are too many cushions!

Gavin's side of the bed...

I found a use for this small set of shelving. Books were overflowing on our bedside tables before, so thought this would be a good chance to put them somewhere else! This doesn't match the other furniture in the room, but we like having a space for the extra books, and ones that we are reading at the moment...

This sign is from a cute shop near our house that Gavin bought for me...

My side of the bed..

These letters came from etsy, and i painted them...

The light shade was an afterthought that i am glad i grabbed. I think it was $15 from kmart, but it looks nice hanging in the room. I am not thinking i should have grabbed a black one to match the bedside lamps. But i do like the white...

The wall sticker was $4 on ebay. It was originally above our bed, but then i swapped which wall the bed is against.

Do you think i have too many necklaces??

I love my owl! it was $15 from spotlight, and i love the colour.
The letters spelling 'jack' came from salamanca market a few weeks ago, i like how they are a little different to the ones in shops at the moment.

Everyone always thinks that my plate of earrings is a plate of lollies!

And finally (yes - the picture isn't straight) - i printed off these free printables and popped them in $4 kmart frames... All these prints, plus more are on my pinterest page, and all are free!... the $4 frames weren't the best idea i had for the makeover, because a few minutes after this picture was taken, i heard a crash and one had fallen off the wall and broke in half! Need a different idea for these, i think!

The bunting above the window is from our wedding, and i love the little touch it adds :)

And there we go! Thanks for sharing in my bedroom makeover :)
Our bedroom feels a lot lighter and brighter. It has become a place that i feel like i want to spend time in, and not as stressful. We love it a lot :)

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