My REAL favourite day

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I know my last two posts have been about my 'favourite day' with Gavin, but this was is my REAL favourite day :)

It was the day before Gavin left to go back to QLD for 6 weeks... It was Sunday. We went to church together and had an absolutely lovely time. We always love being together in a place that means so much to us :)
After church we had some lunch and then went for a drive to the beach. We ended up at squeaking point jetting (which would be nice to fish off)... Just as i was taking a picture of the jetty this flock of birds flew over - great timing, thanks guys ;)

I played with my camera for a bit while Gavin froze to death ;) don't be fooled by the sunshine - it was freezing! (especially for a queenslander ;)

It cracked me up as i took this shot as Gavin said 'did you really just take a picture of the foam?'...
In my head - 'oh Gavin! You have so much to learn ;)' 

We got back in the car and drove around to shearwater beach, and went for a walk along it. The sun was in a lovely place to snap a couple of photos together. I am obsessed with the app instagram - i started using it exactly a year ago, but nothing beats the photos from my 7D :)

For some reason i am in love with this one of Gavin...

This is another favourite :)

I have absolutely no clue what is going on here but i just love it :D

After we left the beach we drove home (i even love driving with Gavin, we have the best conversations :)...
On our very first date (which was a breakfast raspberry farm date - whole other post!) we talked about disney movies and which one is our favourite. I said when i was little i liked Bambi, snow white, fox and the hound etc. and that now i liked Tangled. He said his favourite was Aladdin - which i couldn't ever remember watching.. And he said he was on his mission when Tangled came out and he hadn't seen it yet...
So for the whole 3 weeks we kept promising each other that we would watch both of them, together. Finally the day before he went home we got the chance...

So we went back to the place he was staying and got cozy on the couch by the fire (insert awww) and watched Tangled together... Or rather, Gavin watched tangled while i lay on him and slept for 3/4 of the movie! haha. Poor Gavin kept trying to talk to me, but he soon realised i needed a little nap ;)

After that we went home to my place, made some 2 minute noodles for dinner and sat down and watched Aladdin together. About ten minutes from the end of the movie something jogged my memory and i remembered that i have in fact, seen Aladdin before. It was still good though ;)

After the movie, i dropped Gavin off, got a kiss goodnight, and drove home to dream about our absolutely perfect, favourite day together :) 

My other favourite day

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am going to do a fair few blog posts about my time with Gavin, because i don't want to forget it, so if you aren't into sappy posts then i suggest stop reading now ;) 

Gavin was only originally coming for two weeks, but his uncle passed away so he stayed an extra week to attend the funeral. Because i wasn't expecting him to still be here on the third week i had a normal busy week planned. One night we decided to go out on a proper date, which was a nice change from all the days of seeing each other quickly around my work schedule.

We went out for dinner at the Prickley Cactus. It cracked us up that they gave us water in a tequila bottle ;)

The meal was so yummy! I loved going out on a proper date with Gavin :) we had a lovely time and i love that he does cute little things like holds the door open for me, pours my drinks and pays the bill ;) He is so sweet :)

After our yummy dinner we weren't quite ready to go home yet, so went for a wander in kmart... Gavin considered this hat, but didn't buy it in the end :p 

After that we went to maccas for dessert :) 

I actually really like this picture below, it is one of my favourites now :D

Thank you Gavin for another favourite day together :)

My favourite day

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

While Gavin was in Tasmania we only had a couple of nice days in the whole 3 weeks he was here! On one of them we decided to go to Tamar Island Wetlands. Neither of us had ever been there and thought it would be a nice day out.

My tour guide looks a little confused ;) 

And he also secretly loves to model ;)

It was such a pretty walk, despite it being totally shallow and dry! I'm sure it's even more beautiful in summer.

We had such a lovely time walking along the board walk, chatting to each other. Poor Gavin had to quickly get used to me stopping every 2 minutes to take a photo ;)

I love this shot below - we are too busy laughing at ourselves to pose for a pic :)

I loved being able to lay down on the board walk and take these photos with Gavin :)

Close your eyes if you don't like kissing photos! ;) 

 I also loved our great conversation, and laughs :) 

And may have also loved our hand holding ;)

Combine that with the sunshine, and you have my favourite day :)

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