Hawks Vs Pies

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I keep forgetting to blog about my trip to Melbourne... I had the funnest week over there.

One of the things that i did was go to the footy. I have never really been into the football at all but my family has recently converted me to their team (it was bound to happen eventually!). I thought it would be fun to go to a live game at the MCG while i was there and Collingwood happened to be playing on the Friday night.
Two of my friends came with me - both of their names are Jasmine.

We are going to the footy together on our family trip to Melbourne next month (which just happens to be Hawks vs Pies again!) which will be cool.

It was fun watching them all warm up & everyone sing the national anthem together.

It was also awesome to watch all the people in the crowd. There were people who were getting SO into the game and were hilarious to watch! They were cracking me up the whole time, yelling and carrying on.

We had the funniest guys from New Zealand sitting next to us who had never seen an AFL game before and had absolutely no clue what was going on, they only knew rugby. Everytime something happened they would turn to us and ask 'What is happening? Why are they doing that?' ...

It was SO much fun! I really enjoyed it, especially as there was no commentary like there is when you watch it on TV which is what i hate. It will be fun to go again next month with the family - i am sure they will be VERY into the game yelling etc. :)

The atmosphere at the G was awesome - people happy and yelling and laughing and yelling out 'Go Hawks! and Go Pies!' :)

I have no clue what the final score was but i know that the Hawks came away victors because we left before they had a chance to sing their victory song ;)

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Anonymous said...

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Lorraine.

The Kings said...

I love watching footy at the MCG

Maz said...

Love the second last photo :)

That's pretty funny about the New Zealand guys and rugby hahaha. Tell ya what, I'd be doing the same if I was at AFL, I have no idea! Instead I tell my Japanese students that cricket is the most popular sport ;) hey it's what google told me anyway!

Anonymous said...

Cute post Mak!!!!!! :) <3

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