Saturday, April 14, 2012

This month i spent a great week over in Melbourne. I went over for a photography tutorial which i will blog about later and also to go to the Temple.
I had a nice time and will blog about the trip in different posts.

Ashlee and Abby dropped me to airport, and Abby was so cute wanting to come along too :)

Wasting the time away playing on iphones - which almost made me miss my flight! But i made it in the end :p

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Anonymous said...

Hi Makayla,
Guess what?....I did it. I have created my own blog, just as you nagged me to yesterday.
Now you know what the deal was right? said you will update your blog more, if I start a blog myself. Haaa... bet you didn't believe I would!!
Love Leanne

Justmycupoftea123 said...

Whoops....didn't realise I sent it as anonymous.

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