Half way to 40

Monday, February 20, 2012

On Australia Day i turned 20... I had a nice day at work making people sandwhiches ;) I was in a rush to go to work at 6am and didn't check my phone or facebook and completely forgot that it was my birthday until i was writing some dates on the preps at work and said out loud 'it's my birthday!' and my boss and i just looked at each other :)

I was saddened that night when i learned of the death of a very dear friend
But my birthday up to that point was a great day - i felt very loved with all the texts, calls, messages and pressies.

I was given a sewing machine from my family and am so excited to try it out! I haven't had time yet but i can't wait, i can tell it is going to be something i am going to be addicted to!

My birthday pavlova - Very Australian! :)

I am SO sick of being hit with nerf gun bullets!!! :)

He's still a baby!


Love his cute happy face :D

A few weeks after my birthday i went out to tea with some friends to the pizza pub. We had lots of laughs and the most delicious pizza EVER. It was fun :)

I had a nice day but the whole day i couldn't stop thinking about the fact that i am now 20. Which is half way to 40! I think about what i have achieved in my 20 years so far and how many goals i want to achieve before i hit 40. 20 years seems to have gone so fast and i can only imagine that the next 20 will go just as fast, if not faster.

I realised that i need to take advantage of each day and enjoy it as it comes. Grab hold of each opportunity as it comes by - otherwise i might miss it.

In reflecting on what i have learned in my 20 years one thing sticks out - something that my Papa has said to me countless times:

'You can't wish your life away, hen.' 

he's right - life is too short, i need to stop wishing and start living :)

Happy birthday to me :)

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Chelsea Parsons said...

Happy belated birthday Mak. Im getting close to 40! I imagine by the time you get there you will have achieved many many wonderful things. xxx

Maz said...

Yay for the sewing machine!! I'm sure you will make lots of awesome things :D

Alyx said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments!
Hahaha and Mormons rule! Yay mormons!
Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday... and even though I'm late, I'll still say "Happy Birthday!"
Let me know how that sewing machine is... I'm in teh market for one!

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