Three boys, Two girls and the beach!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Way back at the start of September Louise, her boys and i went to the beach. We had been planning the trip for about two months and were just waiting for the weather to warm up. We thought we were really lucky with a beautiful day as we set off. We had even braved shorts and t shirts!

We decided to go to Baker's beach (i think??) as i had never been there before. After having a look around the visitors center and chasing a few of the wombats outside (oops) we arrived at the beach.

It was beautiful for photos but i didn't even take out the camera as it was SO windy and i didn't want a heap of sand in it!.. We lasted just long enough to eat some sandwiches (which actually were SANDwiches as it was so windy) when we decided we were freezing, and headed off to good old Hawley beach.

The weather was so much nicer there with the sun shining and it warming up a little. Yes, we are still wearing hoodies but it is Tasmania after all!

Little Saxon was SO cute just crawling around and playing, having a great time. I love this picture of him giving me 'thumbs up' :)

I can't believe that Will is going to be in Kinder next year! I also can't believe that Louise has an almost five year old! Will is so cute and is such an outdoors boy. Will and Leo both got their bathers on and went swimming! The water was about -5!

Leo was cracking us up the whole time. At church i teach the 'nursery' class which is kids 18 months- 3 years. Leo is in that class and all day he kept saying 'Mum, Makayla my teacher is here!' and thinking it was so funny that i was at the beach with them.
Leo is full of beans and always on the go! He was non stop at the beach and absolutely loved it.

When i was in the young women's program at church Louise was one of my leaders. She isn't actually that much older than me, and i always felt that she was more like a friend than one of my leaders.

I enjoyed getting to know her in, and now out of the program, and now count her as one of my good friends. Louise is the kindest, loveliest person that i know and i have never heard of anyone who doesn't like her - or anyone ever say a bad word about her.

She is such a great Mum, i can hardly believe that she has three boys!!

I love Louise to bits and feel very privileged to be her friend.

We decided it was time to leave the beach when, in typical Tassie style, it started pouring with rain!!

We had such a fun day together and are planning another beach trip for when i am done with classes for the year. We are hoping for better luck with the weather as it has been a lot warmer lately.

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Beautiful pics! :D

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