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Saturday, November 19, 2011

This past week was a busy one. But i have finally finished TAFE for the year (Woohoo!!!) :D

I have started working at Subway, which is really fun :)

Wednesday night i went to see Jalen King as 'James' in James and the Giant Peach. The show was good and Jalen was fantastic!

Thursday i went to TAFE and finished off my end of year project. It was all up on the wall, done and dusted. (it all fell off a few hours later but at least it was done).

Also on Thursday Ashlee and I went and donated some blood, which was fun :)

Friday morning i dropped Asha and Jory off to Nana and Papa's while i went to TAFE.

When i went back to pick them up i found Asha and Papa asleep in the chair, SO cute!

When i took them to the supermarket Asha jammed himself into the tiny part at the end of the trolly.

On Saturday morning Simone, Kiara and I headed off to meet up with Mum, Peta, Morgan, Gracie and Chey in Hobart. We went to Gold Class to watch Breaking Dawn part 1. It was really well done and a good movie. We had a fun day and really enjoyed it :)

I am SO glad that TAFE is over now and am looking forward to a few months off from studying. I am keen to relax and actually read a book! (And maybe catch up on some photo editing) :p

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