Till we meet again

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's been quiet here on the blog for the last few weeks as i have been away on holiday in Queensland.

While i was away my sweet friend Noah King passed away peacefully. Noah was a special boy and you can read Noah's story here.

His family were blessed to have him with them for ten fabulous years. You can read about the King family here.

I was blessed to be friends with the King family for the last three years. Noah has always had a special place in my heart. At first i wasn't sure how communicate with Noah, but as time went on i realised that he would listen to me when i would talk to him and i loved it when he would turn his eyes to me when i spoke to him.

I loved spending time with the King family and with Noah, when i was with them and especially at their home i could the spirit incredibly strong. Noah had a special presence when he was around and always made me feel closer to my Heavenly Father.

Noah is one of the reasons that i decided to study teaching. I saw how he disproved what the doctors had said and wanted to be able to teach people like Noah and make a difference in their lives, I am looking forward to the day when i am teaching people with special needs.

I always knew that what Lisa & Aaron and the boys did for Noah was incredible. One day i was visiting Lisa and Kobe was having a nap. It was time to pick the boys up from school so she left me at the house with Kobe. She was running out the door and said "Oh, Noah is coming off the school bus, can you bring him inside and get his bags etc"... So the bus arrives and i go out to greet Noah and bring him inside.. then i reached their front door which had a little step up. Lisa had told me to do a 'mono' and just bring him inside! Maybe it is easier to do if you are a gym junkie like Lisa! I tried it and it took me about five minutes as he was so HEAVY! :)
When Lisa and the boys came home she was laughing at me as it something they did every day. I had a new found respect for how strong Lisa & Aaron actually were after that!

One day i went to the supermarket with Lisa and was privileged to push Noah. I didn't mind that people were looking at Noah but just felt so lucky to be able to be there with Noah and to know him. 

Thank you Noah for allowing me to know you for three short years. Thank you for teaching me that everyone is special and important, and that we can all do amazing things and change people's lives for the better - even if we can't talk.

Thank you for the privilege of being your friend. 

I am grateful to know where you are now, and to know that you are free from your restricting body and are running free.

I love you Noah, God be with you till we meet again sweet boy.

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The Kings said...

ah the mono :) Forgot about that! It's funny the things you just get used to. Thanks for posting this. xxx

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