Photography etiquette #1 - Jump or knock?

Monday, October 24, 2011

As photographers we are constantly* faced with a dilemma when looking for new locations to shoot. When you finally find somewhere that you are happy with and want to shoot there, you then have to think about whether or not you are actually ALLOWED to shoot there.

Private property = no. (Unless they have given you their personal permission)

But what about those locations that seem to be in the middle of nowhere?.. the ones that are just perfect for that shoot you have in mind.

Do you decide to jump the fence and shoot there anyway?

Or do you find the nearest house/contact the council/write a long and boring letter to get the permission?

 What do you do??

* I am unsure of weather this is true for all photographers but it is certainly true for me!

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The Kings said...

I say just jump the fence! :)

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Me too!!

Gosh. What an amazing house.
Where is it?
I want to buy it.

The Jacks said...

Sometimes i ask, but mostly i jump the fence :p
The top picture i jumped a fence and the bottom one i asked.. It is a cool house hey! It's some historical thingy - can't go inside it though, too dangerous.

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