Winters Walk

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A month or so ago Sam and i went on a 'photography walk' ... We were planning on going to Saint Louis Falls, so we headed off up the mountain.
We stopped at different spots along the way to snap some pics.

When we finally got to the track we headed off, with Moses the dog in toe.

We came to a bridge and Sam reveals that Moses is terrified of bridges! He then has to carry a massive dog across a swaying bridge suspended above water! I'm glad i was only snapping the photos!!

I am in love with these next two shots...

A little way into the walk there is an old hut that Sam tells me people used to camp out in (no thanks!!)

A game of Trivial Pursuit was left, ready to play..

We walked a little further and then decided that it was best to turn around. It had been a wet few weeks beforehand and the ground was very wet and muddy, we would have continued but we didn't plan for it and weren't really wearing the best shoes for it.

Moe stopped for a drink on the way back..

And halfway back down the mountain i spot a lake with awesome dead trees galore and screech at Sam to pull over so i can photograph them! :p

It was fun to challenge myself to photograph things other than people, and i am happy with some of what i captured :)

And that is how we take a winters walk in Tasmania..

The end :)

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The Kings said...

Awesome pics!

L!$@ said...

Great shots Mak :D

Unknown said...

you have SUCH an eye for photography--I am impressed! I love that you took a photography walk...I need to do that myself :)

hope you've had a great weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

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