If i were rich...

Friday, September 9, 2011

... i would probably actually be very poor!!

I have about a million cool photography and vintage things that i am in LOVE with at the moment that are on my wish list.

First off - juice box film camera. How cute is it!?

Fish eye lens adapter - fits on lenses you already have.

Photo magnet rope - fun and cool way to display photos. (Will definitely be getting some of these)

Camera USB. No way i would be mixing mine up with other people's if i had one of these!

Diana lens for Digitial SLR! I have some Diana cameras - but how cool to have that look on digital!!

Camera money box - LOTS of incentive to save for the new camera :)

Lens mug.. Editing photos while drinking hot chocolate from a cup shaped like a camera lens.. ah.. (the things that excite me!!!)

Polaroid camera - LOVE polaroid.. Nuff said!

Polaroid wall sticker/frames. VERY cool - Definitely getting these :)

All of those above are from the website Photojojo.  

A lensbaby composer...

A red typewriter.. Maybe just to look nice in my room/house, but also a photography prop and would also like it to be useable - love the look of letters from a typewriter. 

One of these awesome ladder-chairs. They are both in one! Would be a cool photography prop!

Sally Mann's book - Immediate Family.

Old issues of Frankie magazine...

And last but not least... The beautiful Canon 7D ...
Saving my pennies for this one for real :)

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The Kings said...

I love the rope photo hangers too and the other one - the frame one. Was eyeing those off a while ago. Think I'm going to get some to cover up some of my HUGE hallway :)

Chelsea Parsons said...

he he... I just sold my lensbaby composer! Save for a real tilt shift one day! My red typewriter I picked up for $5 at a garage sale. And someone just gave me the lens mug today! funny hey! and I love my stack of old frankies! like your taste girlie!

Camilla Mitchell said...

I have the photo rope hangers and I LOOOVE them! so fun. And I got my sister in law the lens mug for christmas last year! so cool! xx

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