Sometimes it's ok to ...

Monday, August 29, 2011

... skip school and go to the beach!

Especially when it is with Bek...

When she was over from Adelaide i decided to skip photography for the day and go to the beach. It was a beautiful winters day.. It almost felt like summer with the sun shining... except that we were rugged up in scarfs and the water was freezing!

I love these next two pics :) 

Thanks for the fun day Bek!!!

You can see Bek's Vlog of the day here...

1,229.9 km

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bek has moved to Adelaide this year to study Vet Science... Unfortunately for me (and her family!) she will be there for a few more years...
Bek and i have had so many adventures and fun times, and you can check out some pics from a few of them here.

Bek came to visit in her Uni holidays a few weeks ago (That is a whole other post!) but it made us realise even more how much we miss each other!! I can't wait for our Uni years to be over, and for her to move back here.. But for now we have to accept that we are 1,229.9 KM's (EXACTLY) away from each other, and find some ways to make the time go faster...

We facebook each other, text, call (ok - we haven't called yet coz we are are both busy, or SLACK!!) but we will! But our favourite by far is snail mail. It is SO much fun! And much easier to do while in a Uni lecture ;)
Everytime i write Bek a letter i am wishing that i had a type writer - think that would look seriously cool!

I was excited to get a letter from Bek a few weeks back! It was filled with goodies :)

She sent me a cute key chain which is from Indonesia and a ring from Africa. They are both awesome.. And were both from a favourite shop of ours which sells only fairtrade items - Oxfam. Seriously check it out. Their fairtrade chocolate is amazing! (find them on facebook)

Did i mention that i MISS you Bek!? And i can't wait for you to come home??!!

But for now, lets keep writing letters - dreaming of the days when we are married, living down the road from each other, watching our kiddies ride bikes and climb trees from our BBQ areas with our husbands. In summer. Next to a field of wild flowers. Drinking ginger bear. Laughing our heads off. Enjoying life, not enduring it. 

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