Makayla Graham Photography?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I think that my pictures have changed heaps since i first got my digital camera, and since i got photoshop. 

I have absolutely loved my camera to bits and take it everywhere! It is my favourite birthday present by far!

Lately i am feeling like i have developed a bit of my own style... I love black and white & also bright, colourful, happy pics - using natural light.

I think the collage below is a good representation of the pictures that i like to take...

I wanted to share some of these recent pics i have taken to show how my photography has changed since i first started out with my DSRL.

My papa

My practice models are still the same! :p

This is the shot that recently won me a camera and a printer. I had better start paying them a bit more ;)

When i started taking pictures i never had the intention to become a 'photographer' as such. It was only for fun. I was asked to do a few shoots for friends, and people then asked if they could pay me for shoots. Things have kind of snowballed from there. And especially since i started my facebook page.

I would love to become a professional photographer one day and i guess that is why i am studying photography at tafe so i have that qualification.

Back in December i started a photography blog and in March i started a facebook page. I would love it if you would support me and follow one or both and keep track of what i am up to :)

I am so overwhelmed and grateful for all the support and encouragement everyone has give me so far, thanks everyone :)

I never dreamed that i would be able to do something that i love so much for a job one day, but it seems that it could actually be heading that way.

But i also think that it is important to have a university degree in something - especially these days.. I have made a pretty big decision about uni lately as well, and i will be sharing that very soon.

Makayla Graham Photography still sounds so weird! I find it so odd that people trust me to take their photos and that they want to pay me for it. But - i LOVE doing it and hope that one day i can make it into something bigger than it is.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Waaaay back in February i embarked on a little DIY project. I was sick of all the books laying on my bedroom floor..

I was thinking of buying a new bookcase, and also some kind of table for the other side of the bed as every time Kiara came over she complained that she needed a place to sit her stuff. Mum then said see what we already have in the shed that isn't being used. I found a bookcase and a table! - perfect!

I decided Morgan (because she is my sister) and Kiara (because she wanted a table in the first place) were going to help me revamp them. Because the bookcase was so old Morgan chopped the bottom, rotting part off and we turned it upside down.

This is the table we started with. It used to hold our tv years and years ago!

It was probably the worst day we could have chosen to do it as it was super duper hot! Hence the not many clothes on thing happening.

I decided to paint the table bright blue... I wanted red but there wasn't much paint left, so blue it was. The finished product :)

Perfect for sitting things on :)

For the bookcase Chey and I painted it pink, and then white over the top. We then scratched it back so the pink showed through in a rough way. I really like the look.

Now there are no more books all over the floor and Kiara has a place to put her cups! :p

Since then my room looks nothing like this as Morgan has moved out there with me (which has been 'fun') haha. When it is cleaner than it is now i will take some pics and share them.

P.S. that doona cover on my bed was $20.. And it is a king sized doona! Love a good bargain! :)

To everything there is a season...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

... a time to every purpose under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

The opportunity has arisen for Morgan and i to finally visit the Temple for the first time ever.

I can't wait! :)
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