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Saturday, April 30, 2011

At the moment i am burried completely under uni essays, photography work, wedding photo editing and i just got called to be Nursery leader. I feel like i constantly at the computer typing away or editing pics.

About six weeks ago i made a page on facebook for my photography. I then got an email from a girl i went to school with in grade ten asking me how much i charged for a wedding. I told her there was no way i was ready for that!

The next thing i know i got a call from a lady asking me to shoot her wedding in two weeks!! They had a small wedding and had only decided to get married at the last minute. I apologised to her and said that i couldn't do it. She then tells me that she had been checking out my photography blog and facebook page and just loved all my pictures, especially the ones of kids, as they had two who were both in the wedding.
I still said no, but she begged me and i felt bad so i agreed! I told her i would do it for free as it was my first one, but she insisted that they trusted me (!!!!) and they wanted to at least give me something and would i accept $300. I said ok :p

As it was such short notice i told them i needed 4 weeks to edit them all and get them to them as i am flat out at the moment. I have one week left on my deadline and am slowly getting through them.

Anyway - i thought it was time to share a sneak peak of just two photos. I will be putting more over on my photo blog, so if you feel like becoming a follower and keeping up with my photos i would love that :D

I will also put a bigger gallery of images for them on my facebook photography page... (I won't say no to more fans:) There is also a quick link on the side of this page that takes you there :)

Shayden the gorgeous Pageboy...

I'll welcome any feedback/thoughts/comments on these :)

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The Kings said...

Gorgeous! I want to see more!! :)

Cullis Family said...

Congratulations on your new calling - I love working in Nursery so much fun!!

Wow, your first wedding - that is awesome. Fantastic photos, can't wait to see the rest.

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