Nana turns 75 at Hollybank

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last weekend we headed out to Hollybank forest to celebrate Nana's 75th Birthday. We were lucky as it was a sunny Autumn day - with only a slight chill to the air. We took Nana and Papa in our car, and while we waited for the others we set up a nice area in the sun to sit to have a BBQ.
Nana & Papa and Grandad & Orn hadn't been to Hollybank before and thought it was beautiful.

Asha was so cute sitting in his tiny little camp chair.

Morgan got the BBQ going perfectly :)

Jory amused himself by climbing a nearby tree. He was quiet for a while until he started yelling out that he was "seriously stuck" and needed help! It took a combined effort of Morgan and Papa to lift him out.

Hollybank is so beautiful and i couldn't resist snapping pictures the whole time we were there and came home with over 200!

Jory whittling a stick.

After lunch we headed down to the river for a walk.

Morgan decided to cross it. She stuck her legs in at one point and said it was freezing!

Nana and Papa

Grandad and Orn

Jory had a little paddle too.

On the way back we attempted to get a nice family shot. This is always such a hard task with so many people, but we ended up with a couple of half decent ones, although Asha isn't looking, which is a shame.

As i was taking them i was thinking that someone was missing, but we were all there. I then realised i was missing Stuart, and wishing he was there with us.

When we got back we surprised Nana with a cake that i had made her. I think she thought that we had forgotten her birthday as it was the next day and she doesn't like to make a big deal out of it as she thinks she is getting super old. I think she is quite young and very fit still - considering she is my great-grandmother!
She was really pleased with it, and it was lovely to see.

I tried to make a piano that i saw in a cake book, but by the time it was time to give it to her it was looking a bit dodgy with the icing slowly running off. Nana said to me that she didn't care about that at all and it was the thought that counts.

Poor Asha had been sick with slap cheek the whole week before and was still recovering. He was a bit miserable all day, but a lot better than he had been. He was so cute, coming up and sitting on my knee and then falling asleep.

Happy 75th Birthday, Nana!

It was a lovely day and such a nice way to celebrate the birthday of a Nana who means so much to us.

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The Kings said...

such a lovely place. LOVE that you got a whole family photo! Great cake too!

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