"Don't speak to a model like that!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Wednesday nights i head up to Devonport to go to institute. On Thursdays and Fridays i have Photography at Tafe so it works out well and i can stay with Nana and Papa to save on petrol. I stay with them on the wednesday and thursday night. One night we went for a walk...

On the way through a clump of trees i looked over and saw the spout of a train. I thought that was random and asked nana and papa to wait on the path for a second while i went to check it out. I walked about 100m off the path and found a train graveyard!! There are heaps of trains and carriages there - abandoned. There are old and new ones. I was so excited as it is an awesome new place to take photos! :D
Luckily i had my camera with me and convinced Nana and Papa to model in a few shots for me :)

This photo of Papa is my favourite photo i have ever taken - i just love it  :)

I am in love with the random graffiti walls on the back of some of the trains.

And i am pleased that i have a new, fresh location to shoot pictures.

Papa was the perfect model, doing all these funny poses for me and climbing up on all the different parts of the trains.

Nana isn't fond of pictures of herself, but just as we were leaving i convinced her to sit with Papa on some old train wheels. She looked quit stiff and not relaxed, until i accidentally stepped backwards into a tree that tickled my back, and i freaked out. They were cracking up laughing at me, and i was pleased that i thought to quickly snap the following pictures of them, as it is so rare to get a happy, relaxed photo of them that Nana likes too.

This one is my favourite, and i had it blown up :)

Later that night we were sitting in the lounge room and Nana asked Papa to get her something from the kitchen. As he was doing it he stopped to watch something on t.v on the way, Nana jokingly told him to stop dawdling and hurry up. Papa then comes back with "Don't speak to a model like that!" ... He makes me laugh - he keeps going on about how he is line for a modelling contract any day now.

They constantly crack me up and i am so grateful that i can spend two nights a week with them this year. I love them very much :)

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Bekah said...

I simply love this!!
Your papa is super photogenic, and i think that graveyard discovery is the greatest one since peter pan found neverland!

Cullis Family said...

Awesome photos!

L!$@ said...

Awesome work Makayla! :D Love the one of your nan and pop...such a beautiful moment captured!

marianne said...

photos are fab,love them xx

emjay1000 said...

It really is an awesome spot for photo's! And these turned out fantastic!!

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