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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I never intended to blog about this - but i just have to :)

A few weeks ago i was shopping online on Etsy and came across lots of Japan relief appeal items. I looked for something to buy as i read the other day that the Japan relief appeal fund has the lowest amount of funds in it from any natural disaster that the world has seen in recent years.

This made me sad. Do people just not care because it is Japan? Or have people become immune to the death and distruction and the need for aid because of the recent disasters that have been so close together?

Anyway... I thought about just donating money, but decided to buy a beach beads bracelet from Sea side art company's shop. I liked the effort that they put in and the whole idea of their shop, which was started after the gulf oil spill.

The lady, Kim, was super lovely when i asked if she shipped to Australia. She said that she never had before and i said that was ok and i would just give it a miss. She then emailed back and said she had set up a way for me to pay so i could order one. She was so lovely about it and very friendly. I thanked her for her help and she said it was no problem. When i got my package yesterday i was surprised to find an extra bracelet in there too. It is a gorgeous blue and green one that i was eying off when i ordered the Japan one, but decided not to buy it as i couldn't afford it.

I was confused until i read the little note that she had included in it...

What a lovely lady!! I think i will definitely be ordering from her again!

Check out her etsy shop - Sea side card company and all the pretty things they are selling. It was well worth it! :)

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The Kings said...

oh that is so lovely she gave you an extra one! Pretty.

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