Wedding Sneak Peek

Saturday, April 30, 2011

At the moment i am burried completely under uni essays, photography work, wedding photo editing and i just got called to be Nursery leader. I feel like i constantly at the computer typing away or editing pics.

About six weeks ago i made a page on facebook for my photography. I then got an email from a girl i went to school with in grade ten asking me how much i charged for a wedding. I told her there was no way i was ready for that!

The next thing i know i got a call from a lady asking me to shoot her wedding in two weeks!! They had a small wedding and had only decided to get married at the last minute. I apologised to her and said that i couldn't do it. She then tells me that she had been checking out my photography blog and facebook page and just loved all my pictures, especially the ones of kids, as they had two who were both in the wedding.
I still said no, but she begged me and i felt bad so i agreed! I told her i would do it for free as it was my first one, but she insisted that they trusted me (!!!!) and they wanted to at least give me something and would i accept $300. I said ok :p

As it was such short notice i told them i needed 4 weeks to edit them all and get them to them as i am flat out at the moment. I have one week left on my deadline and am slowly getting through them.

Anyway - i thought it was time to share a sneak peak of just two photos. I will be putting more over on my photo blog, so if you feel like becoming a follower and keeping up with my photos i would love that :D

I will also put a bigger gallery of images for them on my facebook photography page... (I won't say no to more fans:) There is also a quick link on the side of this page that takes you there :)

Shayden the gorgeous Pageboy...

I'll welcome any feedback/thoughts/comments on these :)

Nana turns 75 at Hollybank

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last weekend we headed out to Hollybank forest to celebrate Nana's 75th Birthday. We were lucky as it was a sunny Autumn day - with only a slight chill to the air. We took Nana and Papa in our car, and while we waited for the others we set up a nice area in the sun to sit to have a BBQ.
Nana & Papa and Grandad & Orn hadn't been to Hollybank before and thought it was beautiful.

Asha was so cute sitting in his tiny little camp chair.

Morgan got the BBQ going perfectly :)

Jory amused himself by climbing a nearby tree. He was quiet for a while until he started yelling out that he was "seriously stuck" and needed help! It took a combined effort of Morgan and Papa to lift him out.

Hollybank is so beautiful and i couldn't resist snapping pictures the whole time we were there and came home with over 200!

Jory whittling a stick.

After lunch we headed down to the river for a walk.

Morgan decided to cross it. She stuck her legs in at one point and said it was freezing!

Nana and Papa

Grandad and Orn

Jory had a little paddle too.

On the way back we attempted to get a nice family shot. This is always such a hard task with so many people, but we ended up with a couple of half decent ones, although Asha isn't looking, which is a shame.

As i was taking them i was thinking that someone was missing, but we were all there. I then realised i was missing Stuart, and wishing he was there with us.

When we got back we surprised Nana with a cake that i had made her. I think she thought that we had forgotten her birthday as it was the next day and she doesn't like to make a big deal out of it as she thinks she is getting super old. I think she is quite young and very fit still - considering she is my great-grandmother!
She was really pleased with it, and it was lovely to see.

I tried to make a piano that i saw in a cake book, but by the time it was time to give it to her it was looking a bit dodgy with the icing slowly running off. Nana said to me that she didn't care about that at all and it was the thought that counts.

Poor Asha had been sick with slap cheek the whole week before and was still recovering. He was a bit miserable all day, but a lot better than he had been. He was so cute, coming up and sitting on my knee and then falling asleep.

Happy 75th Birthday, Nana!

It was a lovely day and such a nice way to celebrate the birthday of a Nana who means so much to us.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Most people don't know that i am a puzzle nut! I just love to sit and do a puzzle.

My favourites though, would have to be a Wasgij ... It's Jigsaw backwards... The picture on the box isn't the picture on the puzzle, but rather, the picture is what they are looking at. There are other ones like 'what happens next', and 'what is the mystery'

I have been driving Nana and Papa crazy with a puzzle i bought the other day ... It is mostly blue sky and we are ready to throw it!

I still enjoy them, even when they are frustrating. And am thinking i should probably get one of those puzzle mats you can roll up, then i can work on it without the pieces being spread everywhere.

"Don't speak to a model like that!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Wednesday nights i head up to Devonport to go to institute. On Thursdays and Fridays i have Photography at Tafe so it works out well and i can stay with Nana and Papa to save on petrol. I stay with them on the wednesday and thursday night. One night we went for a walk...

On the way through a clump of trees i looked over and saw the spout of a train. I thought that was random and asked nana and papa to wait on the path for a second while i went to check it out. I walked about 100m off the path and found a train graveyard!! There are heaps of trains and carriages there - abandoned. There are old and new ones. I was so excited as it is an awesome new place to take photos! :D
Luckily i had my camera with me and convinced Nana and Papa to model in a few shots for me :)

This photo of Papa is my favourite photo i have ever taken - i just love it  :)

I am in love with the random graffiti walls on the back of some of the trains.

And i am pleased that i have a new, fresh location to shoot pictures.

Papa was the perfect model, doing all these funny poses for me and climbing up on all the different parts of the trains.

Nana isn't fond of pictures of herself, but just as we were leaving i convinced her to sit with Papa on some old train wheels. She looked quit stiff and not relaxed, until i accidentally stepped backwards into a tree that tickled my back, and i freaked out. They were cracking up laughing at me, and i was pleased that i thought to quickly snap the following pictures of them, as it is so rare to get a happy, relaxed photo of them that Nana likes too.

This one is my favourite, and i had it blown up :)

Later that night we were sitting in the lounge room and Nana asked Papa to get her something from the kitchen. As he was doing it he stopped to watch something on t.v on the way, Nana jokingly told him to stop dawdling and hurry up. Papa then comes back with "Don't speak to a model like that!" ... He makes me laugh - he keeps going on about how he is line for a modelling contract any day now.

They constantly crack me up and i am so grateful that i can spend two nights a week with them this year. I love them very much :)

Beach Beads

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I never intended to blog about this - but i just have to :)

A few weeks ago i was shopping online on Etsy and came across lots of Japan relief appeal items. I looked for something to buy as i read the other day that the Japan relief appeal fund has the lowest amount of funds in it from any natural disaster that the world has seen in recent years.

This made me sad. Do people just not care because it is Japan? Or have people become immune to the death and distruction and the need for aid because of the recent disasters that have been so close together?

Anyway... I thought about just donating money, but decided to buy a beach beads bracelet from Sea side art company's shop. I liked the effort that they put in and the whole idea of their shop, which was started after the gulf oil spill.

The lady, Kim, was super lovely when i asked if she shipped to Australia. She said that she never had before and i said that was ok and i would just give it a miss. She then emailed back and said she had set up a way for me to pay so i could order one. She was so lovely about it and very friendly. I thanked her for her help and she said it was no problem. When i got my package yesterday i was surprised to find an extra bracelet in there too. It is a gorgeous blue and green one that i was eying off when i ordered the Japan one, but decided not to buy it as i couldn't afford it.

I was confused until i read the little note that she had included in it...

What a lovely lady!! I think i will definitely be ordering from her again!

Check out her etsy shop - Sea side card company and all the pretty things they are selling. It was well worth it! :)
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