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Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't you think??... :)

The rest of the shack trip

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I forgot to keep posting about the shack.. So here are the rest of my favourite pictures from the trip, i am over doing separate posts for different days as i have so much i want to blog about..So here is an overview of the rest of our time there! :)

Morgan reading Asha his favourite books in bed one morning...

We went fishing... 

Morgan's catch! haha ;)

How i fished... haha!
I got a remote for my camera for christmas, so we tried it out... verdict - FUN!!! :) 


 Jory found a shark head on the beach, and thought it was fantastic!! 

We always like to go to Beerbarell beach for a play. it was a lovely day the one we were there..
Asha LOVED the beach and would just crawl off, playing in the water and sad, and eating a fair bit of it too!

I love this one of the boys jumping waves together

Doing what i love :P

We also love to go to Binalong Bay...

One day we forgot this little munchkin's hat so he borrowed mine... 

We all built Asha a sandcastle, which he then destroyed

Then we dug a hole and put him in :P

One night mum and dad went out for dinner, and we stayed home and had pancakes for tea! Jory with his "teddy bears picnic"

And visiting the sand dunes...

It was a lovely holiday, with only one scary incident... Morgan and I were paddling the boat in the lagoon, and got a bit carried away and realised we were WAY downstream, and couldn't paddle against the "current" .. we tried yelling for dad to save us but he couldn't hear us!! Our only option was to sacrifice one of us (MORGAN!) to get out of the boat and swim behind it and push... With her strength and my paddling we made it back to shore... We DO have photos of this, but they are on Morgan's waterproof camera somewhere, so i will share them later on :) 

It was SO nice to be away with NO reception (Go Optus!) and to have no blogs, facebook, texts or calls that i am constantly in touch with normally. I actually got to READ a book! It was heaven!! 
Although - it was nice to get home :)
I am already looking forward to next year! :) Such a lovely place to take photos ... :D

Foto February starts today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today is the first day of Foto February! 

This means that over on my photo blog this month i will be uploading a photo each day... The only rule is that it can be a photo of anything as long as it is taken on the day. 

Go to my photo blog to follow the photos each day. Feel free to join in on your own blog, and leave a link to yours in the comments. 

Head on over to see my photo number 1.
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