Shack - Day One

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My friend Toni is holding an auction on her blog with all money going to the Queensland flood appeal. So if you want to be involved somehow - head over and take a look! 

And... You can read about our Christmas Day here...

So, on New Years Eve i went down to the shack with my aunty and her two kids to join the rest of my family. The drive was long and boring for Preston and Pheobe, but they amused themselves by fighting over my ipod.

I was grateful to finally get to the shack and see my family. Asha was being cute and i couldn't help snapping pictures of him straight away.

I think he was over it after the first one as he grabbed my lens cap and kept trying to put it back on the camera.

We headed around the corner from Binalong Bay, to a more secluded beach. Asha absolutely LOVES the beach and was happy just to crawl around and play in the sand, and the water! He did seem to eat a fair bit of it though!! 

He loved just sitting and playing for ages ... 

We were joking that Morgan looked like a crocodile on the lilo!

Chey had fun with Preston, burying him in the sand...

After the beach we headed to the skate park/park by the water and had some pizza for tea.

The boys loved having the whole thing to oursleves

Chey got a sole skate for Christmas and has become really good at it! He was even going down different ramps! 

We then went back to the shack and had a quiet new years watching the count down on tv.It was a nice and relaxing new years eve - which is exactly what i felt i needed! :)

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Simone Triffitt said...

Asha is looking cuter by the minute!!

The Kings said...

love it down there - can't wait to go!

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