Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Jan 26th (Australia Day) i turned 19!
It's pretty lucky that i had this little munchkin to help me open my presents :P

Does what i am holding surprise you?? My present is a film camera (NOT an SLR that is on its way from America, not pictured)

 Mum made me two pairs of Toni's PJ pants that i have wanted for ages.. they turned out awesome!! She did a wicked job! i love them!

 We had a BBQ at home and i invited some family and friends, and the sister missionaries from church.

 Pheobe giving me a birthday kiss

 Nana Jane called me to say happy birthday and was chatting away for ages, then said she had to go but was wishing she was there with us.. about ten minutes later a car i didn't recognise pulled up in the drive way and out gets Nana!! She had decided to surprise us all with a two day visit on her way to Adelaide to see her dad. I was SO surprised and excited!!

 Me, Kiara, Beth, Georgia, Rachel and Erin

 Me and Kiara

Me and Nana and Papa

 My cake was this incredible one that mum made! It had FOUR layers and a tonne of raspberries on top! The middle also had some raspberries. It was DELICIOUS!
 Thanks mum for such an awesome cake!

After the BBQ i went to town with my friends, who wanted to take me out on the town for my birthday, in the end Beth, Georgia and I decided to stay home and watch some movies, and eat pizza, which was great fun! Beth had cooked me a birthday Panna Cotta which was delicious!!! And was also in the shape of a love heart.. gold!

All day i kept waiting for some kind of change, to feel way older now that i am 19, but as the day wore on i realised that i am exactly the same! (kind of bummed with that one!) ... 

As it was Australia Day we had a flag hung up, and i just love this photo of it on the washing line.. Although i don't like the meaning of Australia Day, i like the fact that we are Australian and would rather be celebrating that.

It was a lovely day, and i am glad i got to share it with those that i love the most :) 

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The Kings said...

wow! What a great birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day. VERY cool print by Leanne :) Love it!

make it perfect said...

first of all, happy birthday!
second of all, tell your mum she is AWESOME! that cake looks amazing and the pjs rock :)

emjay1000 said...

Thanks :-) the cake is a Donna hay layer cake. Was pretty easy and delish! Although it had the same amount of sugar in it as flour! Which is crazy! Anyway, the pants were pretty easy Toni, but now I have requests from all my other children. . . Lucky it gave me the sewing bug back again!!

Unknown said...

Good to hear you had a great birthday, the cake looks yum, raspberries!!!! So Lisa will have to start getting advise from you with your new camera and mags you got for your birthday! Your Mum did a great job on your PJ pants too!

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