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Sunday, October 10, 2010

About a month or so ago i was watching Sunrise, when something caught my eye. It was an organisation called Thankyou Water.

It intrigued me as Thankyou water was started by a group of teenagers, and it is a non-profit organisation, with 100% of the funds going directly to developing nations, providing communities with wells of safe drinking water. The teenagers are volunteers and receive nothing for their efforts.

For every bottle of Thankyou water that is sold, at least one month's worth of water is provided to someone in need.

They have a short term goal, which involves reviewing the bottle mould to reduce the amount of PET used by 42%. This means that Thankyou Water will be the lightest bottle in the country, halving the current PET output. The long term goal for Thankyou Water is for PLA (biodegradable material) to be used for it's bottle. This will go a long way towards solving the current issues of landfill.

I thought this sounded really cool and wondered how i could help, as at that point it wasn't sold anywhere in Tasmania. I then found out that nearly 900 million people around the world can’t access clean water. In Australia we spend nearly $600 million on bottled water every year. I then felt an even stronger need to help.

A lady in Cambodia comparing her water before and after Thankyou Water provided her with a well.

I had an idea, and emailed one of our deputy principles, who i get along with. He emailed me back and said that he loved my idea and to write a proposal and come and visit with him. I wrote it the next day and went to see him. He read over it and was very impressed. He then took me straight away to meet with the head canteen lady, Mrs Titley. She read my proposal and said to come back the next week to discuss money, as it is a non- profit organisation the school would actually be losing money.

When i went back the next week i had prepared an information sheet about the water prices. I didn't really have high hopes for it to happen. But she surprised me by dragging me by the arm into the back of the canteen. There in the corner was two massive cartons of Thankyou Water!!!! I was SO surprised! I nearly jumped up and down and hugged her!!

And now- Thankyou Water is now being sold in St Patrick's College school canteen!!!

I was so happy!!!

With the help of some teachers i have been doing a bit of advertising to promote Thankyou Water, and encourage people to buy it, once they know what it is all about.

Me and Mrs Titley :)

The thing that really made me move and make it happen was this quotation i read and absolutely LOVE: "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

If you want to know more about Thankyou Water then visit the Thankyou Water website.

The only stockists in Tasmania are our school canteen and IGA Invermay if you are in Tasmania and would like to purchase it. If you are anywhere else in Australia visit the website and type in your postcode, or find them on Facebook. :) :)

A HUGE thank you to Mr McCormack, Mrs Slevec, Mrs Titely and Ms Owers who all helped me to make it happen!!! :) :) :)

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L!$@ said...

That is so awesome Makayla! You go girl! I love it when people are so passionate about something and work towards making it happen! Good job :D

make it perfect said...

good on you mak - that is unreal! i'll have to buy a bottle off you next time i see you :)

Nettie's Blog said...

you ROC lady.... that is the best ... you are making a wave in the world and doing something about wht you satand for which is greater than great...

Unknown said...

What a great sales person you are!n I must say that you have inspired me to go and look for some now, maybe you could talk to some shop owners and make a proposal to them and see if they would get on board and stock it in their shops! Good on you for being so proactive!

The Kings said...

That is awesome!!!! Well done Mak.

Gina Slevec said...

So proud of you, Makayla - you have made a change in the world. What a fantastic achievement! And such a beautiful blog about it as well. Love it!!

emjay1000 said...

I was thinking we should talk to Grant and Barb in the Deli about it?

Simone Triffitt said...

Very inspiring. I can't believe how bad that water was. We take our water here for granted so much.

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