Makayla and Jasmine's Art Walk!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few weeks ago i was having a boring Saturday lazing around doing nothing, when Jasmine text me and asked if i wanted to go for a walk to the Junction Art Festival. I said yes, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day with the sun shining so we walked into town from her house :)
It started near the library (St George's square or something?) and the art was all around town, some hidden and some very visible. There were churches and buildings open with all different exhibitions and tutorials on how to make things, unfortunately we went too late in the day for these, and missed out on all except one super weird one!!!!

There were 5 couches placed randomly around town, that you were able to sit down on, have a rest, or anything you liked. At each one they had a laminated sheet explaining that they were placed haphazardly to raise awareness of homelessness in Launceston. There was a notebook there also for you to write your thoughts. It was very interesting :)

A lot of the art was in trees... At each display there was a card explaining what each was about... I'm not sure about this one- i was just having fun taking pictures :)

This caravan was super weird! It looked interesting at first, with a sign out the front saying "Come inside" .. So Jasz and i did.. We saw the people who had gone in before us sitting in the caravan and being part of an interactive mime show.. It was a little too out there for us, and we decided to skip our turn!

The art work was super interesting. I wish i could remember what this one was about! It was about 5 metres high, and had random objects placed up it.

This one was one of my favourites, with all the coloured umbrellas.

Throughout the whole city there was random pieces of knitting- tied to traffic lights, on bridges etc. This was the biggest display.

I found the coolest bit of graffiti EVER!!!

At Inveresk at the museum and art gallery there was a tent outside filled with students artwork, and if you liked a piece you put the money in an envelope and took the artwork you wanted. I was wishing i had cash with me as there were some very good pieces! This is the tent though, haha :)

Jasmine is so tolerant of my constant picture taking! And is such a good model (or a good poser?) haha.

I always love taking pictures of Jasmine, she is SO much fun, and very beautiful :)

An alley way was filled with posters stuck to the wall. Jasz thought she would try being like those adds for depression you see...

I, on the other hand, just felt like being silly :)

On the way home we walked through Prince's Square, where we found some cute little people amongst the flowers :)

... And another couch!!! (This is Jasmine's sexy couch pose! ;)

We then had some fun taking like 20 photos of ourselves mucking around on the couches, with the camera on timer :) I LOVE how they turned out!!!

Leaving the park Jasmine had her first kiss! ;)

... Or two!!!!

Crossing the road we discovered this round about that instead of the usual plants and grass had SAND on it!!! Jasmine took the opportunity to do some cartwheels!

We then walked back home :)

Thanks Jasmine for a really fun afternoon!!!! It was great to walk around in the sunshine, chatting and laughing non stop :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely walk Mak!!!!!
The pics are great!!!!!!!!!
We should do this agin sometime!!!!

The Kings said...

So fun!! AWESOME pics. Jasmine is cute.

Unknown said...

Love the pics I took Will around the streets checking put all the cool art but we missed seeing the little people in the flowers he would have loved that! He still loves finding the knitting around town. Hope they have the living art again next year!

Country/City Boy said...

Love the pics, you did have a good model always letting you take pics. You really should stop graffiting though Mak :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!
they have really inspired me and so has your whole blog :)

Nettie's Blog said...

Amazing.... love that chair, and the umbrella's.... thanks for the art walk you two clowns

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