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Friday, August 20, 2010

I have realised that my post about copping flak was quite depressing and not at all me, and that i bummed out and concerned a few people...

I made school seem like a totally horrible place that i hate to be at every day, and can't wait to leave... BUT- there are of course things and people that i absolutely love to pieces at St Patrick's College that i am going to be VERY sad to be leaving behind. Especially some very amazing teachers who have become even more amazing friends. But i will be doing some more posts later on about these things- so stay tuned!! :)

Some days i wake up and don't want to get out of bed (we all have these days!!).. I know that i will be going to school and may have to face a lot of crap. Some days i feel confident and ready to face it with no problem.. Other days it is harder. That is why on the wall directly above my bed i have this:

A little reminder to myself to make the most of every day and to have FUN! I really do believe that "the most wasted of days is one without laughter" (my favourite quotation EVER- by e.e.cummings) It reminds me to be HAPPY and to have lots of fun because soon things will be changing and be totally different. And i want to make the most of what i have now as i'm not sure i can face all of that just yet!!!!!

The super cool print that you see above was created by my awesome friend Leanne! I feel special because she knew it was my favourite quotation and made the one above just for me :)
If you want a copy of this print, or any of her other super cool designs (they are awesome!!!) i suggest you head over to my other friend Toni's blog where you can download and print them for free!

I am not usually so negative, and i am not sure where that came from in my copping flak post! I much prefer to be happy and positive and have fun! :)

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make it perfect said...

That's awesome Mak. LOVE seeing the print on your wall!

Bekah said...

Makes me feel positive too :)
Love that quote too!
i just had the coolest word verification thing for this comment!
the squiggly letters i had to type in spelt 'supre'

The Kings said...

I don't think it was a depressing post. Everyone has stuff going on in their lives and you should be able to talk about it without worrying that people will think you are a negative doesn't mean you are bummed out, or depressing or negative at all.

I get that all the time...if I'm quiet then people think I'm 'down' or if I'm on top of the world then I'm in 'denial'. People should be able to have good and bad days. It's just concerning when someone has a lot more bad days than good and that is not you.

The Jacks said...

Thank you Lisa :) xxx

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