Going grey

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This morning while i was straightening my hair (with my brand new FREE ghd straightener btw)... Something bad happened!!!

I found a grey hair!!!!!! And i am not even joking! I knew people wouldn't believe me so i took a picture to prove it!! After ripping the first one out i discovered another one right beside it!!!!
Isn't there a saying about removing one grey hair and five coming in it's place????

After taking a picture, i looked again and there were another 4!!!!
I was freaking out! I texted mum and she said "Ha ha" .. Thanks mum!!!
I am a bit worried as everyone on mum's side of the family go grey VERY early! My Papa (my great grandad) started going grey at 18.. There are things about Papa that i love and would like to be like- but this isn't one of them!!!!!!

This is the start of many many years of dying my hair to come!!! Because if i don't- i don't ever see myself getting a boyfriend with hair like a granny!!!!!! :( :( :(

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Anonymous said...

Makayla . . . its only the men that go grey early on my side of family!! I didnt have a grey hair til i was 30!!!

The Kings said...

haha - welcome to old age girlie! I'm 36 and have only had one grey, so I've been very lucky but a lot of my friends have more greys than me. Now you can't tease Aaron anymore about his distinguished hair! :)

Chelsea Parsons said...

he he he! I have a patch... and I pull them out... I shoudlnt cause they keep coming right back! Embrace them .... with some hair dye!

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