Visiting Nana & Papa

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today Jory and I took a drive to visit Nana and Papa who live in Devonport. They both have colds at the moment and are feeling pretty lousy and i haven't seen them for ages so i thought it was time to visit :) We took them some soup (yeah yeah i know what you're all thinking- your cooking would make them sicker! haha. Mum made it) ...

On the way we decided to stop and visit Stuart. As i hadn't seen him for ages either.

It has been three years but i still find it strange being there and comprehending that he is actually gone.

I wanted some new photos to play with in photoshop so i convinced Jory that being my model would be fun (more like bribed him!). So we went to the bluff for a play. We took scooters and had a ride around, which was fun!

We rode the scooters up to the lighthouse. Stopping at the lookouts and such on the way. What do you think you can see from this lookout??

Oh just this:

And this:

It is so beautiful up there!!!
I sure love Tasmania!

We finally got up to the lighthouse and after two minutes Jory concluded that it was very boring as you can't go inside like you can on Round the twist, so we headed back down to the beach again!

I was having lots of fun with my camera!

What is it with boys and throwing rocks anyway? haha

Jory was having heaps of fun jumping off a wall for me, much to the amusement of an elderly couple :)

We then went to the skate park- as promised for being a model for me :)

I was happy to pack my scooter (borrowed from Chey) into the car and take pictures instead.
Jory was giving me a heart attack dropping in from all these HUGE ramps and zooming really fast around the whole thing!

I was having extra fun messing around with my zoom lens- which has quickly become my new favourite toy! :)

Check out Jory's jump!

We then had a little play at the park...

Then went to see Nana and Papa. They both didn't look too good, but are on the mend :) They didn't want any photos though (understandable!) so i settled for one of their house- which i love. They've lived in it for a few years now, it is super nice and we call it the ginderbread house. It is lovely- inside and out. It got too dark to take photos of their lovely gardens though- next time!

It was nice to go out and visit them as i haven't seen them for ages! I am looking forward to going to stay in a few weeks time when they are better :)

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The Kings said...

Awesome photos!!

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Why gingerbread house?

The Jacks said...

Fiona- i cant remember!! Think someone called it that when they first built it about 4 years ago and it kinda stuck.. very random!

Nettie's Blog said...

loving the photos... i will have to try to have another go at photoshop too... i forget so easily now...getting to be a real senior...

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